Mongolian girls have the longest legs in the world

This 29-year-old girl was born into a family has a tradition of height: her father is 2m06 tall and her mother is 1m85 tall, but she still has to learn how to adapt to her great height. when she was young.

She said finding “cute” clothes was always a challenge and hated constantly bumping her head into doors due to her height.</p >

Rentsenkhorloo ‘Len’ Bud’s favorite outfit is shorts

However, after being hesitant because her legs are up to 1m34 long, Ren is extremely proud that she often wears shorts and high heels to make her legs more attractive. “I like my long legs and I think they make me more beautiful” Ren said.

Guinness world records have recorded the longest legs in the world belonging to girl Maci Currin (Austin Texas USA) with 134 62 cm long legs, surpassing the record of Ekaterina (Russia) with long legs 132 588 cm.

Being too tall often brings many inconveniences, mainly in choosing clothes and going through doors. “The doors are all too low for me and I hate hitting my head on them,” Ren said.

Ren usually wears size 13 shoes and can only find this shoe size in the US and cannot buy any shoes in Asian countries including Mongolia or Korea.

“I usually go shopping in America every time I come here, but I can’t buy any outfits. So I often try online shopping. As soon as I entered first grade, I was as tall as my teacher (1m68). At that time, I was very young and wanted cute outfits, but none of them fit.”

Although she was not bullied at school, she was not confident with her height at that time.