“My dream crushed my life”

Even though the names and classes in the modeling world are different, they are more or less public figures, so Their words are also more or less influential. Recently, beauties and artists in the entertainment world have said things that have shocked public opinion, and the statement just quoted above is an example. There is no need to blame the words of these people (forgive her because she is beautiful) but from here on, let’s talk about something else.

A country where young people chase frivolous dreams and value clothing and jewelry will have no internal cultural power. chemistry and intellectual power. This is evident quite clearly in today’s society. The movement to use branded goods rose like a wave and it became an affirmation of value for people without knowing it. Some famous singers in the singing world show off brand-name clothes that fans imitate to resemble their idols. The spread of branded tastes not only among young people but also among older people, ladies and gentlemen who go out on the street want to carry an LV or Gucci handbag to prove that they are stylish. So the former model’s statement above is not strange because it represents some people with similar perceptions.

But the true value of a person is of course not clothes. The most splendid jewelry is the human mind, the most attractive is the person with knowledge and dignity, with a pure soul and love for others. Famous Hollywood actresses indulge in lavish entertainment just to make people curious and chat, but the people that humanity remembers with honor and respect are mother Teresa and Princess Diana. When they lost the whole world mourned with all their hearts.

Recently, a TV channel advertised a movie with the lyrics: “I’m a singer, I’m a model. That’s the dream of my 20s.” Then the entertainment industry designed many couples programs or dance moves to over-polite the beautiful artists. Businessmen sponsor these programs more generously than awarding scholarships to valedictorians or medal winners at Olympic competitions. It is worrying that not only a part of young people has a distorted perception of values, but even adults who have an impact on society sometimes fail to orient young people.

Where is the future when you only worry about “velvet scarves and pants all day long?” busy – Nguyen Binh” without studying to improve knowledge and practice personality. What is the future of the country when the young generation considers clothing and jewelry as valuable?

Young people, look at the world’s leading trade deficit Vietnam, which does not produce technological equipment but has to import it from other countries. Many Vietnamese industries and technologies have to hire foreign experts to work and pay high salaries because there are not enough people in the country to do so. The struggle for sovereignty over islands and islands lacks scientists in the history of international public law and experts capable of international litigation.

Do designer clothes, watches, handbags enrich the country or enrich the countries that produce those things? . The call of today’s era is the call of the power of knowledge, not of promoting a lavish and socially irresponsible lifestyle.

Suddenly remember Che Lan Vien’s poem: “We all sleep in narrow beds – Your dreams are crushed my life – Happiness contained in a beautiful dress – A peaceful roof that casts a shadow over the soul.”