My mother enjoys “hunting” for young eucalyptus and cherry branches to decorate

Just finished arranging a vase of eucalyptus flowers. Ms. Tran Thi Dinh (42 years old, Ha Dong district, Hanoi) happily shared that recently this flower suddenly became a “hot trend” again. Because of the cool-toned gray color both modern and healthy, but with a gentle eucalyptus scent.

Ms. Dinh said that eucalyptus branches are often combined to place in glass or ceramic vases with an elegant, antique style. Normally this flower is only considered an additional flower to add to the background and highlight the main flower.

“Even though it appeared in Vietnam 1-2 years ago, mothers are still looking to buy it. “And sought after, eucalyptus branches suddenly became a “trend”. Especially, eucalyptus flower buds that do not bloom still give off a gentle fragrance,” Ms. Dinh said.

According to Ms. Dinh, fresh eucalyptus branches are planted when planted. will make it easier to shape and shape compared to old flower branches. During the arrangement process, you need to pay attention to the direction of balance because flower branches grow flat or curve in the direction of growth of perennial woody plants.

She often combines eucalyptus with different ingredients. Normally, using only eucalyptus will bring a dull, dry feeling – evoking the feeling of old loneliness. cold.

“If you combine eucalyptus with other ingredients, say with small leaves, it will change the feeling clearly. Because it can partly overcome the weaknesses mentioned above and increase fertility. Fresh air helps keep the flower vase simple but still retains its inherent precious characteristics,” Ms. Dinh added.

Similarly, Ms. Pham Nhu Quynh (Ha Dong district, Hanoi) said that this was the first time she bought fresh eucalyptus branches to plant because she found them strange and unique.

Ms. Quynh said that due to the nature of her job, she often gets stressed. So during the quarantine break at home, I take advantage of “living slowly” outside of work. In my free time, I take care of my home, sit, arrange flowers, and enjoy tea to relax and help my spirit feel more comfortable.

“Previously, I only knew about simple flowers, but when the sisters shared and introduced many strange flowers, I immediately went looking to buy them. This type of eucalyptus flower has a eucalyptus-like scent when it blooms and opens its cover. The white flowers gradually bloom and look very beautiful.

Ms Quynh enjoys her flower vase. Photo: NVCC

After placing it in a vase of water for about 3-4 hours, the flowers began to bloom sporadically after one night, many flowers opened and bloomed beautifully. The flowers have bloomed for a few days but have not yet wilted,” Ms. Quynh expressed.

A small trader specializing in providing eucalyptus flowers online, Ms. Thuy Linh shared eucalyptus flowers, also known as apricot branches. Thoi Recently, customers tend to look for more unique hobbies. In addition to cat apple branches, rose branches and eucalyptus flowers are gradually becoming a trend sought after by women.

“For nearly 2 months now, the number of customers looking to buy eucalyptus flowers has been very large. Every day, I have sold about 100 branches. There are days when customers order but there are no more in stock,” Ms. Linh informed. news.

Talking about the “hotness” of eucalyptus branches, Ms. Nguyet Ha, a flower seller at Quang Ba market (Tay Ho, Hanoi), said that recently, eucalyptus bud branches have been very popular. Because this plant has unique flower buds and a pleasant fragrance, many mothers tell each other that this plant has a scent similar to eucalyptus. Especially featured in the room space, it helps the room to be both fragrant and beautiful.

When you buy it and put it in warm water, the old buds will bloom immediately. If left naturally in a bunch, the flower bloom rate is about 20%. If you want flowers to bloom more, you need to have an impact like opening the flower lid to make it easier to bloom. Normally, purchased eucalyptus will be displayed for 15-20 days. In addition, if you don’t put water in it, you can let it dry.

Eucalyptus branches are easier to transport than apple branches and rose branches because their flower buds are more difficult to fall off, but you still have to be careful in case the flower buds fall off. On average, Ms. Nguyet sells 40-50 sets of eucalyptus flower branches a day. Each branch is about 40-50cm long.

Not only do they buy wild cherries to eat, recently many women also buy wild cherry branches to put in the house.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy business items Online flowers recently shared that fruit branches such as coffee branches, cherry eucalyptus branches, are very popular, partly because people have been staying at home during the epidemic for a long time and can’t go out, so mothers want to change the space.

Forest cherries have a “strange” red color that women buy to display in their homes. Photo: NVCC

According to Ms. Thuy, nowadays, women who are passionate about flower arrangements no longer prefer flowers that are too popular, but instead, unique branches will get more attention. .

The reason this wild cherry branch is popular is because of its slender shape when placed in a vase. The wild cherry branches bring a natural wild look that does not dry out like many other flowers. Moreover, the bright red color of cherries makes everyone fascinated.

“Non-toxic wild cherry branches are easy to plant and do not require elaborate pruning. On average, wild cherry trees will “play” for 10-15 days. At first I imported them. When trying to sell wild cherry branches, few people bought them. However, after customers took photos and responded, some mothers immediately sought to buy them to bring mountain air into the city space,” Ms. Thuy said.