Negligence and its potentially terrible consequences

20 thousand precious pills According to Tuoi Tre Newspaper, the Ho Chi Minh City Inspectorate has asked the Director of the Department of Health to clarify the responsibilities of individuals and groups It may be related to the delay in approval procedures, causing the above drugs to be too “excessive”. But if the leaders and employees of this Department cannot cure the incurable disease themselves: Negligence is probably the problem Similar consequences persist.

But not only in the above incident. In recent years, the disease called “irresponsibility” has occurred in Vietnamese society, not just in state agencies has caused so many heartbreaking consequences.

We have seen a series of very large fires that killed many people, many fires that killed more than 10 people, but were actually caused by negligence. Negligence of the welder’s manager. For example, the fire at a karaoke bar in Cau Giay (Hanoi) at the end of 2016 took the lives of 11 people, including many officials in the provinces.

The fire at the garment factory in Hai Phong In the previous room, all 13 workers working inside burned to death just because the welder spread fire to surrounding materials. Dozens of similar incidents later were mostly caused by the welder’s careless work and the facility owner’s lack of supervision.

The incident of a train ramming into a truck passing by the railway At the end of March in Binh Dinh, two people died because the train guard fell asleep and did not close the guard when the train arrived, which is also a sign of this disease.

Most recently, an accident occurred. A catastrophic traffic accident occurred in Gia Lai early on the morning of May 7, causing 13 deaths and dozens of injuries…

It is unlikely that there will be a complete statistic on events with major consequences for socio-economic and environmental problems have occurred in the past years due to the irresponsibility of civil servants, businesses and people… But looking at the density news on social media about incidents caused by irresponsible subjectivity, surely Surely if statistics were available, it would be a large percentage. If we consider the economic loss alone, it will probably not be less than thousands of billions of dong each year.

The problem is what solution and remedy to cure that disease of irresponsibility to prevent the What are the possible consequences in the future? From education in schools to regulations that must be complied with in workplaces, factories and businesses…?.Especially when requiring strict safety in many highly dangerous projects: As large-scale oil, gas, hydroelectric, and thermal power projects… become increasingly large, the subjective and irresponsible attitude becomes even more unacceptable. When the disease of “irresponsibility” has not improved, something goes wrong at a certain stage, the consequences are unpredictable.

Manh Quan