NETCO Post’s journey of more than two decades of development

Not only expanding its operations with a nationwide network covering 63/ NETCO Post’s delivery service in 63 provinces and cities also expanded to the international market after receiving investment and methodical development direction from the “giant” GDex – one of the leading multinational shipping corporations. Southeast Asia.

NETCO Post constantly strives to bring top quality services at reasonable costs while maintaining and building trusted relationships with customers and business partners. business.

Dedicated service and continuous innovation

In 2016, NETCO Post received a shipping order from a multinational functional food corporation US-based specialist specializing in providing weight control and nutrition products in Vietnam. Specifically, NETCO Post needs to deliver gratitude gift packages to its consumers, and this is not simply a matter of quick delivery.

According to the brand representative, all All stages must be carried out professionally, from ensuring the aesthetic packaging of the goods is intact because the product is of high value and delivered on time, to the shipper’s demeanor, which needs to be sincere and welcoming because they are agents. Representing the brand to deliver gifts to the recipient. Thanks to that, over the past 8 years, NETCO Post has continued to be chosen as the shipping unit associated with the business.

Representative of another partner of NETCO Post, a leading global company in the field of manufacturing electrical and electronic products, affirmed: “NETCO Post is a business that knows how to maintain and maintain cooperation with us. Even though we have been working together for nearly 14 years, NETCO Post is still as dedicated as the first day, listening to ideas for improvement and offering us the best solutions in every case.”

Since year 2009 NETCO Post received a quite complex order and required close cooperation from the above business. The request had to transport almost all links related to the logistics of new goods from the manufacturing plant to the system of service stations, all kinds of damaged equipment and components that need to be repaired from the warranty center back to the factory, bringing new and old products to the last mile users… and almost every transportation transaction. Shipping takes place all over the country.

“When cooperating with NETCO Post, we feel truly secure because the goods handling process is always complete. Typically, in 2023, NETCO Post is so dedicated that when they first noticed the problem of broken components and goods deviations from the service station to the branch, they proactively proposed a plan to co-inspect packaging and sealing. transparent safety room. This helps us easily adjust the internal control process to strengthen our staff to be more honest, transparent and cost-effective,” the business representative shared.

According to NETCO Post, the secret to creating customer satisfaction does not just stop at good expertise or simple transportation of the entire group. Responsible staff must comply with product technical regulations and communication attitudes when interacting with customers. NETCO Post also provides installation services for complex equipment that requires many construction items such as removing and installing electricity, water, wall drilling…

Mission “5-star standard transportation service”

For many businesses, the problem of transporting goods is a problem. Major challenges have a significant impact on business results. NETCO Post is making continuous efforts to provide “5-star standard” delivery service, placing excellence in speed, ensuring safety for each package, maintaining a dedicated service attitude, and updating management technology. Advanced management and review (warehouse management system WMS – Warehouse Management System and transportation management system TMS – Transportation Management System) to provide comprehensive service coverage both domestically and internationally.

These factors have helped NETCO Post become a trusted partner of many businesses, helping them solve transportation problems and gradually develop and gain an advantage in the market.

The company Noi Bai Express Delivery and Trading Joint Stock Company – NETCO Post

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