New way to enjoy beer convinces Vietnamese customers

Nguyen Ngoc Quang Bao’s perspective on beer enjoyment

Is a busy MC with a busy schedule With a busy job, Nguyen Ngoc Quang Bao still takes the opportunity to enjoy beer and relax when he has free time. And this MC also shares his opinion on his new culture of enjoying beer, moving from quantity to enjoying quality:< /p>

“Every time I go out to drink with my friends, quantity comes first. This time, I went slowly to enjoy the taste of the beer and found that Sapporo has a smoother taste. It’s hard to resist, but maybe you’ll enjoy drinking it all the time like Bao. Not to mention these days, when the weather is unpredictable, when you’re too busy, you’ll take a gulp on your way home and you’ll see that beer isn’t just for fun Because I like it, but also because the beer tastes delicious, I crave it every time I drink it. Every sip feels like the first sip, so every time I drink it, it feels equally delicious…

To be honest, lately I’ve only started paying attention to the taste and quality of beer, like beer always tastes bitter but when I drink it, it still feels sweet and unforgettable, so I drink it more and more. I’m even more attracted to it and I love it so much that I don’t have a headache after drinking it. In addition, drinking beer must be at the right time, the happier it is, the more it will make you feel uplifted and fresh, making your spirit more comfortable.”

Through witty sharing, the handsome MC revealed that he likes to drink Sapporo Premium Beer in his own way, so he can “drink slowly” to feel the “smooth beer taste” of the beer brand. premium comes from Japan. The essence of beer always attracts this MC and the smooth taste of beer also helps Bao and his companions “have a feeling of sublimation and freshness at that time, making their spirit more comfortable.”

Not stopping, Quang Bao is also excited to introduce the smooth beer experience program through event “Peaceful beer tower”: “Have you all tried this feeling yet? If April 29 – May 7 is not busy, you can try going to SC Vivo City to experience the smooth beer of Sapporo and see the giant smooth beer tower (9m high) like Bao’s.”

Delicious beer taste – Japanese quality impresses Le Hong Lam

Growing more mature through trips travel abroad from Paris New York, Switzerland and then New Zealand. Le Hong Lam shared that he likes to visit famous art museums. When coming to the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido region in Japan, he was especially impressed with the Sapporo Beer Museum – a museum of premium beer with more than 140 years of history.

Little While drinking beer, Le Hong Lam was impressed with Sapporo Premium Beer

As someone who often chooses Sapporo Premium Beer at every reunion, after that visit, he was even more convinced by the quality of this beer: “Visit around the 3 floors and see how the beer brewing process works to get beer.” If a beer has such a smooth aftertaste, you should go to the basement to enjoy a few glasses of Sapporo beer.

I don’t drink much beer, but every time I go out to drink beer with Friends must definitely choose Sapporo because of its smooth and rich aftertaste on the tongue. On hot, dry days like Saigon these days, sipping cool beer, enjoying even the smooth foam of the beer, feeling the aftertaste lingering in the back of your throat very clearly, making you feel lightheaded as if you had just enjoyed a set. good movies.

So whether it’s movies, books, beer or alcohol, if you want to get that rich, euphoric feeling, you have to choose the right type of food you like. “Choose something that suits your taste.”

Is a product originating from Japan and convinces customers with its strictly controlled quality and unique flavor. The uniformity of Sapporo Premium Beer has convinced not only MCs Quang Vao and Le Hong Lam but also beer connoisseurs with its irresistible smooth taste and has become one of the priority choices in fun parties.< /p>

The secret to creating this smooth taste of Sapporo Premium Beer is the combination of careful investment from raw materials to machinery and people and Japanese quality. That is also “Japan’s Promise – Promise from Japan.”

For Vietnamese diners to feel the smooth taste of beer that remains “at the top of the taste buds” chain The event organized by Sapporo Vietnam will take place from March 24 to May 7 at locations in Ho Chi Minh City. For details, visit .