Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo is certified by the Central Dermatology Hospital

Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo is a product researched and developed by Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Research Center with more than 20 years of experience in producing an ecosystem of health care and beauty products from natural medicinal herbs and herbs. This is an important reason why this brand’s products are trusted and highly appreciated by consumers for their product quality.

And to further affirm the strength of quality in addition to continuing to research products to help solve other problems hair and scalp after 5 years of launching medicinal shampoo Nguyen Xuan combined with a team of dermatologists at the Central Dermatology Hospital – one of the leading dermatology hospitals in Vietnam. Analyzing and researching the product’s safety and effectiveness on hair and scalp.

Based on scientific results after clinical research and testing on 120 volunteers from 18 years old shows that Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo for hair care does not cause skin irritation and allergies.

DMedical shampoo is a pioneer in hair nourishment. and scalp

Unlike many other products that bring an instant feeling of softness and smoothness, Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo provides comprehensive hair care, nourishes hair and scalp from the root, contributing to supporting Helps reduce hair and scalp problems, helps improve dandruff, itches, reduces hair breakage, supports new hair growth thanks to a unique formula combining 13 traditional Oriental medicinal herbs: polygonum ginseng, locust bean, basil, basil betel… and hair care ingredients such as vitamin E and olive oil…

In addition to its benign and effective hair and scalp care properties, Nguyen Xuan shampoo is also loved by users for its light medicinal fragrance. gently brings a refreshing and relaxing feeling after each use.

Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo provides comprehensive hair care and nourishes the hair and scalp from the root. Diverse product lines to meet the needs of each hair and scalp type.

Understand that each different hair and scalp type will need nourishment and care. Nguyen Xuan has continuously improved to bring separate product lines that better meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Including Nguyen Xuan Huong shampoo medicinal herbs suitable for normal hair (brown bottle); Nguyen Xuan herbal anti-dandruff herbal shampoo suitable for itchy dandruff-prone hair (blue bottle); floral scented shampoo suitable for oily hair (yellow bottle); Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo for hair with medicinal aroma suitable for dry, damaged hair (green bottle); Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo nourishes super smooth hair with grapefruit scent (new).

Nguyen Xuan is a medicinal shampoo with many product lines dedicated to other types of hair and scalp.

In addition to the shampoo lines, Nguyen Xuan also launched two lines of medicinal conditioners specifically for different hair and scalp types that are supplemented with essences. Rice milk and medicinal ingredients have the effect of deeply nourishing hair.

We can mention Nguyen Xuan medicinal conditioner for hair care. The product is more effective when combined with Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo for hair care (green bottle). Or the floating Nguyen Xuan medicinal conditioner. The product will be more effective when combined with Nguyen Xuan herbal shampoo (yellow bottle).
Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo meets the needs of today’s consumers thanks to continuous improvement product quality.
Nguyen Xuan’s understanding of customers in creating medicinal shampoo and conditioner lines is the reason why this brand is loved. In 2021, Nguyen Xuan medicinal shampoo was recommended by 89% of users after using it according to the results of Try and Review (Asia’s leading review community). Nguyen Xuan is also a medicinal shampoo that 80% of users consider using in the future according to survey results from NielsenIQ Vietnam.

Inspiration from women’s traditional shampoo pot Ancient Vietnamese women combine modern production science Nguyen Xuan is a medicinal shampoo line that helps nourish hair and scalp from the root, accompanying consumers on the journey to bring spring to their hair.</ p>

Nguyen Xuan’s products are sold at supermarket pharmacies, cosmetic stores and online sales channels. In addition, you can visit Nguyen Xuan’s website for more detailed information about product lines:

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