Not everyone knows how to distinguish Vietnamese standard rambutan

Look at the leaves and spines: Chinese rambutan leaves and branches are still fresh, but the spines are wilted and dark, not even naturally bright red The fruit is also dark, rotten and watery.

With natural rambutan consumption will preserve for quite a long time but still not turn black. On the contrary, when pressed ripe rambutan, the spiny shell turns black from the beginning.

Look at the intestines: Ripe pressed rambutan has a lot of juice flowing out when pressed, especially the intestine is mortared and quite soft. In addition, you should also avoid yellow-colored fruits because they are damaged.

Vietnamese standard rambutans are fruits with thick and opaque white pulp without unusual colors.

Flavour: Ripe pressed rambutan usually has a sour and quite bland taste. Naturally ripened rambutan has a sweet and delicious taste.

Besides, to buy fresh rambutan, you can press firmly on the fruit. If the skin is still hard and does not feel like the fruit is sunken or waterlogged, it is a good fruit. If you squeeze the skin and see that the skin is soft and water flows out or is easily cracked, you should not buy it.

In addition, you should also buy fruits with green or bright red thorns, which are fresh fruits. Fruits with dark black thorns are wilted fruits.

You also need to note that the rambutan season usually only lasts from April to June of the solar calendar. When it comes to the 7th lunar month, rambutans are out of season and susceptible to worms in the stem. Therefore, limit buying at this time.

In addition, if you like sweeter and more delicious food, you can choose rambutan longan. How to identify longan rambutan and rambutan is usually quite simple:

– Fruit characteristics when ripe: Normally green longan rambutan will change from green to yellow to pink when ripe. and finally red. After 1-2 days of picking, all rambutans will turn red. Any fruit that is not red is of poor quality.

– External appearance characteristics: Longan rambutan has Small, spherical shape with a weight of only 20-30g/fruit. 1kg of quality longan rambutan yields about 40-50 fruits. In particular, longan rambutan has “cracked” marks on the bark and the antennae are sparse and slightly short (compared to other rambutan varieties). It can be said that the appearance of longan rambutan is not beautiful. This is a very important characteristic to identify longan rambutan.

– Pulp characteristics: Longan rambutan has a thick, crispy pulp with peeling seeds (peeled rambutan), sweet taste, delicious to eat and a strong aroma. characteristics and longer preservation time compared to other types of rambutan.

According to Nguyen Thao
Dan Viet