Owner of 14 lottery tickets worth 34.3 billion VND: “I feel normal”

On March 2, a clip appeared on social networks recording a scene of a family standing next to a mountain of money with the line sharing: “Tay Ninh’s big family won the lottery with a special and consolation prize totaling 343 billion VND. After tax deduction, it is 31 billion 10 million VND. A family of 7 people share the spending.”

< p>Quickly, the clip attracted hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of interactions. Many people expressed their admiration and wanted to “ask for help”, but there were also many people who doubted the authenticity of the clip.

According to Ms. Le Thi Kim Thanh (39 years old), the owner of the clip was is the owner of the “huge” award mentioned above. She is also the owner of a lottery agency in Tay Ninh.

Specifically, Ms. Thanh won 14 special lottery tickets worth 2 billion VND/sheet; 126 consolation prize sheets worth 50 million VND/sheet. The total prize is 343 billion VND after tax deduction. Ms. Thanh’s family received 31 billion 10 million VND.

The winning amount was divided equally among 7 brothers in Ms. Thanh’s family, each person received more than 44 billion VND.

“That day was Wednesday (February 28), our family of 7 were on the bus to go to the temple in Binh Thuan. At that time, I still had 6 kilometers left to sell at home. decided to keep it. We joked that if we won in the afternoon, we would share it with each other. We didn’t expect to win!” Ms. Thanh said with a smile.

The moment the family members heard the news of winning a “huge” amount of money. Everyone in her family burst into tears because they were so happy. As for Ms. Thanh herself, she feels normal and does not “lose sleep” because she has seen many customers win the jackpot.

“This is the first time I have won such a large lottery prize. I believe It’s because I’m so lucky. Many people ask me if I won the lottery do charity. But actually, before that, I also had the habit of doing charity work, so I didn’t need to wait until I won the lottery,” Ms. Thanh shared.