Party cell secretaries and village leaders receive an allowance of nearly 3.8 million VND/month

The People’s Council of Nghe An province has just passed a Resolution regulating the titles and allowance levels for part-time workers at the commune level, in villages, hamlets, blocks and hamlets; monthly support level for people directly participating in activities in villages, hamlets, blocks and hamlets; norms for allocating operating budget estimates of commune-level political and social organizations in Nghe An province.

According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung – Director of Nghe An Department of Home Affairs – there are 4 more non-specialized positions at commune level included in the list of allowance recipients. monthly includes: Party Committee Office; management of cultural houses – radio stations; treasurer; manage construction order – traffic – environment or urban rules. These positions are entitled to an allowance 15 times the base salary (27 million VND).

This allowance also applies to the following positions: Deputy Head of the Party Committee Inspection CommitteeDeputy Chi Commander of the Military Command, Vice Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee, Vice Chairman of the Veterans Association, Vice Chairman of the Women’s Union, Vice Chairman of the Farmers’ Union, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Elderly Association, Chairman of the Red Cross Society, Veterinary Medicine, Plant Protection – Agricultural Extension – Extension Public – Forestry Extension – Fishery ExtensionHead of the City Protection Committee.

The position of Deputy City Protection Committee receives a monthly allowance equal to 13 times the base salary (23 million VND).

For people working part-time at the village level, including the Secretary of the Party Committee, the head of the village and the head of the front work committee, the allowance level is divided according to the number of households and the specific characteristics of each village.</p >

Mr. Nguyen Van Duong – Head of Ngoc Lam village, Thanh Thuy mountainous commune, Thanh Chuong (black shirt) – disseminating the process of planting and caring for dragon fruit trees to people (Illustration: K. Ly).

Specifically for villages with 350 households or more and blocks with 500 households or more; Villages and hamlets belonging to key administrative units with complex security and order issues in border areas and islands. The position of Secretary of the village cell leader has an allowance of 21 times the base salary (3,780,000 VND); For the remaining hamlets and villages, the allowance is 16 times (2,880,000 VND).

For the position of Head of the Front Working Committee, the allowance is 18 and 13 times the base salary, respectively, depending on the size of the number. households and specific characteristics of the locality.

People directly participating in activities in villages and hamlets such as police officers – Deputy heads of villages/hamlets/hamlets for hamlets with 350 or more households in key communes Complicated security and order on island borders has an allowance 11 times the base salary; The remaining villages’ support level is 095 times.

The village captain’s support level is 08 times and 07 times respectively; Heads of unions and Presidents of the Elderly Association support levels ranging from 028 to 033 times the base salary, depending on the size of households and the specific nature of the locality.

Head of the Protection Team City residents – Deputy head of the block has an allowance of 075 times the base salary. Team members receive an allowance of 045 times.

Village health workers who concurrently do population work in difficult communes receive an allowance of 065 times the base salary and receive an additional support of 150,000 VND/month; In the remaining communes, there is an allowance of 045 times and an additional support of 150,000 VND/month.

This resolution also regulates the estimated allocation of operating costs of the Veterans Association, Women’s Association, Agricultural Association people and Youth Union. Accordingly, for class 1 communes, the maximum allocation is 20 million VND/organization/year; Class 2 communes have a maximum of 175 million VND and class 3 communes have a maximum of 15 million VND.

“Compared to the old resolution, allowances for positions in this resolution increased from 20 to 45%. This is also is a recognition of the contributions of non-specialized officials at the commune level and those directly participating in activities in the villages.

The addition of positions and increase in allowances for this team This means that the local budget to pay will increase. Although the allowance cannot meet the living needs of this team, in the context of a limited local budget, this is a great effort. of the province” said Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung.