Pensions need to increase by at least 50% of the civil servant salary adjustment!

Definitely increase pensions!

Discussing the plan to adjust pensions from July 1, Mr. Bui Sy Loi, former Deputy Chairman of the Committee The National Assembly’s Society emphasizes the principle that, in addition to salary reform, it is necessary to make adjustments salarysubsidies for retirees, meritorious people, objects of patronage society.

This is institutionalized in the National Assembly’s Resolution on state budget estimates for 2024. Resolution No. 27-NQ/TW of the Central Executive Committee on wage policy reform .

In principle, Mr. Loi analyzed salary adjustments based on factors such as economic growth and inflation index. To date, according to the budget report, 560,000 billion VND has been prepared to implement the reform salary gap in the public sector.


According to information from the Minister of Home Affairs Expected average salary of cadrescivil servants will increase by 30% (including basic salary and allowances).

On that basis, Mr. Loi emphasized that when public sector salaries are adjusted, retirees also need to be increased pension to a certain extent.

Before the proposal to increase pensions 8% of Vietnam Social Insurance Based on the increase in the consumer price index in 2023 of 325% and economic growth is 50.05. The former Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly’s Social Committee commented that the proposal was based on the correct principle of calculating pensions to protect the Social Insurance Fund.

In addition, about the proposal to increase 15% pension from the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs. Dr. Bui Sy Loi commented that this is a positive plan that benefits retirees.

Mr. Loi summarized that the specific increase needs to be researched and calculated. Balancing resources from many agencies including the Ministry of Finance.

In conclusion, Mr. Loi asserted: “This year we definitely have to raise pensions. The increase needs to be balanced based on the budget’s ability, but not for salaries.” backward.”

He analyzed the reality that last year, after two missed appointments, civil servant salaries were adjusted to increase by 200.08, effective from July 1, 2023. The previous pension was adjusted periodically every year, but when increased on that occasion, the increase was only 125%. That shows the correspondence between public sector salaries and pensions.

From that principle, in adjusting civil servant salaries this time, Dr. Bui Sy Loi believes that pensions need to be adjusted to a level commensurate with The public sector salary change is at least equal to 50% of this salary increase.

“In my personal opinion, agencies need to actively calculate and balance resources to increase salaries. If the Ministry of Finance finds it difficult Difficulties in implementation resources require a balanced National Assembly report from other sources,” Mr. Loi added.

All retirees want a high increase

< p>Also discussing this issue, former Deputy Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Pham Minh Huan commented that the proposal to increase pensions by 8% is based on economic growth and the increase in consumer price index and balanced state budget. Social Insurance Fund…

According to Mr. Huan, retirees all want to have a good salary. High salary increase to reduce difficulties in life. However, the amount of increase needs to be realistic based on many factors.

In fact, over the years, the pension increase rate is often slightly higher or equal to the level. Therefore, Mr. Huan believes that the proposed 15% increase of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs is appropriate.

Regarding the increase applied to target groups, Mr. Huan analyzed people who are working. Those who enjoy low pensions want to increase the rate to a higher rate. However, based on the principle of social insurance contributions, people who have paid a lot will inevitably receive high benefits in the future.

That’s why the expert believes that for the target group. Low pensions need additional support to improve the lives of retirees.

“Every problem needs to be handled in a harmonious and satisfactory manner. It is impossible for people with low pensions to enjoy high rates and People with high pensions have to suffer a low increase rate.” Mr. Huan further recommended that attention should be paid to salary adjustments for the group retiring before 1995.