Penthouse Sky Castle brings a new upscale lifestyle to Quang Ninh

With the desire to bring international standard apartments in Quang Ninh, investor N.H.O has cooperated with large corporations from Korea to develop The Dragon Castle project right in the center of Ha Long city. . In April 2023, the investor launched the Sky Castle penthouse collection with a limited number of 23 units, accounting for 0.02% of the project’s 1,288 apartments, only for high-class owners.

With wide views and unique architectural space, Sky Castle penthouses promise to bring a new lifestyle full of personality, individuality, and bold taste” of upscale owners. Quang Ninh.

Every day, waking up from the large door frame of each penthouse, the homeowner can immerse himself in the blue of the sky and let his soul drift along with the silhouette of the ocean waves. each mountain appears sharply in the summer and magically in the mist in the winter. Expanding the homeowner’s chest, he takes a deep breath of the natural air of the salty sea to let the fresh energy of nature fill his body, starting a day filled with happiness.

On the top of the cliffs The Dragon Castle tower and Sky Castle penthouses are a great place to take in the vast ocean, connecting with the distant horizon that is rare to find anywhere else. Owners of the luxurious Sky Castle penthouses can also enjoy panoramic views of the bustling tourist city at night, enjoy the modern – trendy life of the coastal city of Ha Long.

When sunset falls, leaving behind the chaos of life, standing “between heaven and earth”, Sky Castle penthouse owners can enjoy the most wonderful moments with family, relatives and friends at BBQ parties. high-end luxury…

Away from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant tourist city, each owner at the Sky penthouse Castle can freely enjoy a private space with top-notch luxurious interior space and a colorful flower garden right before your eyes. With the large door system surrounding the apartment, the neoclassical architecture is in harmony with the green garden outside and a large yard of up to 60 square meters above, making Sky Castle penthouses no different from 5-star resort villas. halfway up the sky”.

With this unique design, all functional rooms and the most modern amenities can be arranged in the penthouse combined with high-quality interior materials to demonstrate sophisticated luxury. and has the “taste” of each owner.

Although the Sky Castle penthouse is separate in space, it is only a few steps away from the owner of Sky Castle You can still enjoy more than 30 luxury privileges with a skylight glass bridge directly linked to the trendy health and entertainment utility complex at the top of the tower such as: Sky infinity pool; K-Garden is an outdoor movie theater… Or enjoy colorful light and sound parties, shop, relax and enjoy delicious food and drinks according to your preferences right under the project’s commercial shop area.

“23 castles in the middle of Sky Castle’s skyline aim to affirm a different lifestyle at the top of Ha Long Bay. Right now, when Ha Long is entering the peak tourist season, the apartment market is starting to become vibrant again, which is an opportunity for investors as well as Quang Ninh’s elite to own the Sky Castle penthouse at The Dragon Castle with the “best sales policy when officially launched” the investor representative shared.

Investor: N.H.O Company (National Housing Organization)

Investment Business development consultant: WeLand Real Estate and Business Development Joint Stock Company

Distribution agent: VhomesMai Viet LandQNG LandSRTT-landFour HomeLien Minh Nhat Minh Land & HappylandA DongIndochine

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Sales office: No. 1 Cai Lan street, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province