Pink painted cake for brokers of The Nosta 90 Lang Street project to attract customers

Broker offering  

According to the investment policy decision issued by the Hanoi People’s Committee for The Nosta Duong project 90 Lang (Nga Tu So Ward, Hanoi) was built on an area of ​​3,439 m2 with a total investment of nearly 800 billion VND.

The project’s operating term is 50 years from the date the competent authority decides on the investment policy from 2018. The project will take another 3 years to complete (2023). about 45 years left.
The Nosta 90 Lang Street Project

Pink painted cake for brokers of The Nosta 90 Lang Street project to attract customers

Actually finding out that in order to sell the apartment, the broker has confirmed that this project can be lived in for a long time without any problems.

Dan Tri reporter&lt met a real estate broker named M. This person introduced himself as the manager business of Hai Phat Land and the company is exclusively distributing this project.

After talking, the reporter was taken by M to see the model apartment at 54 Nguyen Chi Thanh. Here, a person named Tuyen introduced himself as the sales manager of TNR (project investor) and met and took guests to see 2 fully equipped model apartments.

During this process, Tuyen and M both confirmed that the apartment could be used as a homestay investment or for resale.

However, when the reporter asked the broker that the Investment Policy Decision issued by the Hanoi People’s Committee clearly stated “Sale and transfer of tourist apartments is strictly prohibited for the purpose of purpose to stay in any form”, a person claiming to be Thanh – Division Director of Hai Phat Land took action to reassure customers.

Pink painted cake for brokers of The Nosta 90 Lang Street project to attract customers

The investment policy decision issued by the Hanoi People’s Committee clearly states “Sale and transfer of tourist apartments for residential purposes in any form is strictly prohibited”

Accordingly, this person said that the project actually does not generate residential units. This means that it is not allowed to sign a sale and transfer contract with the customer while their contract is to transfer the right to use the apartment.

According to this person, the investor of a project approved in the form of a hotel apartment will transfer it to the customer so that they can use and exploit it.

“So buying to live, use or stay for business is a normal thing for customers to do. Whatever the state grants to the investor, the investor will grant the customer the same. “this person affirmed.

Constantly affirmed that customers can live, but Thanh said not to create too many living units. For example, if a 30 m2 apartment has up to 10 tenants, it is wrong. Because the state management agency will control how the investor lets guests in.

This person even confirmed the report. Even if you don’t understand the problem correctly, what should you do if you don’t have a hotel apartment to live in? But in fact, long-term stay and short-term stay are completely different.

This person also said that the company still are doing it very legally like investing in a commercial floor. “If this apartment is not used for living or is unfavorable to the investor and distributor, we will not provide it to customers,” Mr. Thanh said.

Pink painted cake for brokers of The Nosta 90 Lang Street project to attract customers

“If the family stays there, they can just register for temporary residence as usual, but they cannot register for household registration. Furthermore, what is the use of a 50-year-old legal apartment that is not used for living?” This person continued to use the question to preempt customers and further affirmed that Hai Phat Land is exclusively distributing this project.

Talking with Mr. Vu Kim Giang, General Director of Hai Phat land, he learned that Hai Phat Real (under Hai Phat Land) is working directly with investor TNR on The Nosta 90 Lang Street project. But there is no company employee confirming that the project can last long.

“Maybe you guys are not clear. because the purpose of the project is only service apartments” Mr. Giang affirmed.

It is unclear whether those brokers have Are they really people from Hai Phat Land? But according to research from market reality, if the investor cannot control the situation of “cake drawing” consulting, not only will people lose money unfairly, but even Businesses will also be greatly affected by projects like The Nosta.

If not properly consulted, then All responsibilities and troubles will be borne by the customer. Spending over 41 million VND/m2 to buy a house but having to live underground due to violating the law is not worth it while buyers only have to spend 25 – 30 million VND/m2 to buy common projects. other long-term residents. Document “Approval of general floor plan and architectural plan” issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture The grant clearly states: The apartment hotel’s function is to only be used for short-term rental business (not for sale) and not to form residential units.

Therefore, according to experts, people need to be very careful when intending to invest in condotel projects in Hanoi like The Nosta. Because if you intend to do business, customers need to have a specific plan from the beginning such as hiring an operator, hiring a cleaning manager… otherwise it will be very difficult to compete with other professional systems in Hanoi.

Pink painted cake for brokers of The Nosta 90 Lang Street project to attract customers

Currently to circumvent the ban on buying, selling and transferring according to reporters’ research Dan Trimembers of The Nosta 90 Lang Street project have a contract in the form of transferring apartment use rights to customers. But the legality of this type of contract for customers is still a question mark.
According to the response of lawyer Truong Anh Tu (Director of Truong Anh Tu Law Firm) on Dan Tri: Hoping The hotel apartment lease will ensure full legal rights and benefits for the tenant, such as the right to transfer, donate, mortgage or inherit, similar to the case of previous state-owned housing leases.

But there is currently no legal framework for this type of contract, so according to lawyer Tu, competent state agencies need to develop it soon to avoid risks for people when buying.