Portrait of a Vietnamese female student speaking at a Vietnam-China friendship exchange

On the afternoon of December 13, at the National Convention Center (Hanoi), General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and his wife Ngo Thi Man with General Secretary and President of China Xi Jinping and his wife, Professor Peng Le Vien and many senior leaders of both sides attended the meeting of friendly people and young generations of the two countries Vietnam – China.

At the exchange, female student Le Nguyet Quynh (studying student of class 12E, High School for Specialized Languages ​​under the University of Foreign Languages, Vietnam National University, Hanoi) represented the young generation of Vietnam to share profound thoughts and memories about the friendship between the people of Vietnam and China.< /p>

Sharing his feelings when attending the meeting of friendship leaders and young generations of the two countries Vietnam – Trung Quynh said he felt extremely honored and proud to be able to speak at a important events of the country .

Previously on the morning of December 13, in the program, the wife of President Vo Van Thuong – Ms. Phan Thi Thanh Tam and the wife of General Secretary of Chinese President Xi Jinping – Ms. Peng Liyuan visited and interacting with students of the Chinese Department of Hanoi National University, Le Nguyet Quynh also had the honor of performing a welcome performance.

This female student performed a song with a musical influence. – Chinese opera art form that uses the language of music and dance. Quynh said she consulted many documents to best prepare for the performance.

“I really love the background music China, especially opera singing “It’s been around for a long time. I went to YouTube and watched 1-2 videos showing how to train my voice to sing in opera. Then I listened to and imitated opera artists to practice.” Quynh recounted her practice musical performance to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping.

It is known that this clear-looking female student has a remarkable academic record and a special interest in Chinese culture. Vietnam and China.

In 2023, Le Nguyet Quynh won first prize in the final of the 16th “Chinese Bridge” contest for students of high schools in the North and Central regions of Vietnam. .

Le Nguyet Quynh represented Vietnam to China to attend the Final of the “Chinese Bridge” contest for high school students around the world to compete with 110 contestants from 96 countries and regions. territory. That time Le Nguyet Quynh won the second prize.

Nguyet Quynh passed HSK6 and advanced HSKK. HSK and HSKK are the two leading internationally valid foreign language competency assessment certificates for Chinese today.

This female student also has many talents in art She is good at playing the piano and has an international piano certificate that certifies periodic piano, guitar and dancesport exams at domestic centers.

Nguyet Quynh shared that she started studying Chinese in 6th grade. “That year, a friend of mine studied Chinese. Her mother encouraged me to go to school with her so we could both be more motivated,” Nguyet Quynh said.

From then on, Nguyet Quynh studied Chinese once a week. In 9th grade, she loved it so much. This foreign language female student decided to take the entrance exam to the Foreign Language Specialized High School.

According to Nguyet Quynh, in order to get “huge” achievements in Chinese, in addition to learning new words and lessons in books Quynh also took advantage of learning through movies and newspapers on social networks.

“Those are relaxing activities, but I find this is also a way to help myself practice my Chinese pronunciation and improve my reflexes.” more love and passion for this subject” Nguyet Quynh said.