Pregnant mother with “overwhelmingly big belly” still works as a porter to earn money for giving birth

Recently, on social networks, an image of a pregnant woman who is close to her due date has been spreading but still works as a porter to make a living, making many people feel pity.

Specifically, Even though the woman has a big pregnant belly, she still carries very heavy sacks of goods. There were even times when the woman carried two bags at the same time and then climbed back into the truck to unload. She always works hard when her body is heavy due to pregnancy.

The woman’s face was haggard, clearly showing fatigue, but she still continued her work, making everyone feel sorry for her.

Clip After being posted, it quickly attracted the attention of netizens. Witnessing a woman with a pregnant belly surpassing her but still doing work that is both difficult and dangerous, many people wanted to help.

In addition to wishing good health and comforting and encouraging the woman, many people criticized the husband for letting his pregnant wife be forced to work as a porter. Other opinions are concerned about the employer hiring pregnant female workers to do such heavy work.

It is known that the person who posted the clip is Mr. Hoang Van Khanh (33 years old, residing in Cao Bang City). ). Sharing with reporter Dan Tri, Mr. Khanh said that the woman in this clip causing a stir on social networks is named D. (30 years old and residing in Cao Bang City).

Pregnant mother with "overwhelmingly big belly" still works as a porter to earn money for giving birth

“As someone from the same locality, I know difficult circumstances Ms. D’s family. The couple does not have a stable job. They are self-employed, no matter who hires them. Every time I had something to do, I called D.’s husband to come and do it. I was surprised because D. came along to help him earn money. I tried to stop her because she was in the last months of her pregnancy and her belly was big, but she insisted do” Mr. Khanh shared.

Mr. Khanh added that the current price for hiring porters in Cao Bang is 40,000 VND/ton of goods. To earn 400,000 – 500,000 VND, Ms. D. and her husband have to load over 10 tons of goods. However, not every day the couple has the same income.

In sharing about posting these images on social networks, the 30-year-old man said he posted because he saw the couple working hard to take care of them. just feel sympathy and respect. Unexpectedly, the clip received the attention of so many people.

“I posted the clip not for the purpose of attracting views or calling for charity. I saw many people commenting and wanting to help Ms. .I feel happy, but today I had to block all comments because I discovered that there are many accounts taking advantage of this to call for illegal money,” Mr. Khanh said.

Ms. H.T.D. – the character in the clip that brought tears to the online community – said she is currently in the 8th month of pregnancy. Although she knows that doing heavy labor during pregnancy can be risky, especially in the last months of pregnancy, because she wants to help her husband earn money to prepare for the baby to be born, she is not afraid to do any job.

“It’s very hard for my husband to work alone to raise three children, so I try to work together to have more money to work in the fields as long as it’s less strenuous. These last few months, with a big belly, going to work has made it harder and more tiring. But I’ve been working since I was pregnant until now, so I can still handle it” Ms. Diem expressed.