Procedures for changing Driver’s License in Hanoi: Old wine in a new bottle, fat “stork”?

After the Lunar New Year holiday, the number of people coming to the one-stop department of the Hanoi Department of Transport to carry out procedures to change driving licenses from paper to plastic increased. To address people’s needs, early in the morning and afternoon, the Vehicle Management Department, Hanoi Department of Transport (No. 16 Cao Ba Quat, Ba Dinh District) issues order numbers to handle procedures during the day. When the direct order numbers run out, the unit switches to issuing appointment cards in the following days.

According to Dan Tri‘s report on the morning of February 21 at 16 Cao Ba Quat, Since 8:00 a.m., people have been sitting in the yard waiting for procedures. Every day, the Vehicle Management Department receives about 350-400 applications for license renewal but can only handle 150-200 applications per day. This leads to many people waiting in line but having to wait until the next day to have their documents processed.

After the content reflects the scene Long queue waiting to change driver’s license in Hanoi was posted, many readers expressed their disappointment with the above way of working. Sharing about their own bad experience, Quang Pham commented: “The stork earns more than 500,000 VND/person. In the morning, I arrived earlier than 6 a.m. to line up, but there was already a row of chairs and bricks like subsidy times. At about 7 o’clock, each seat will have about 2-3 people seated. Thank you!”.

“The National Public Service Portal has had online license renewal for a long time, but after completing it, we still have to sit and wait until we go to the Department of Transport and wait patiently. It’s a waste of time, effort and money,” user Hoa Vu Chi wrote.

Procedures for changing Driver's License in Hanoi

“Approving online application to change international driving license with only a limit of 100 sets of documents Applications/day exceeding the quantity will not be accepted. This way of doing things is really not appropriate” reader Ngoc Lam Ta commented.

“Why doesn’t the Ministry of Transport do this through its electronic information portal? But are you doing something that goes against the Government’s requirements on 4.0 technology?” Mr. Nguyen Gia Luong asked.

More harsh than the user with the nickname Jacky Tran wrote: “This kind of half-season reform, half lean, half fat, once online, let it all go online, still forcing people to line up like waiting in line to get a rice book”.

In At that time, Phan Nguyen said that the current way of doing things has absolutely no benefit for people. This reader suggested letting people draw numbers online to both save time, effort and money and avoid situations. The situation of “water turbidity” at registration establishments carrying out administrative procedures.

In addition to the above opinions, many people also question the current way of working of the management agency. Specifically, the Hanoi Department of Transport, accordingly, the registration and declaration has been done on the National Public Service Portal, but getting the appointment number has to be done manually, which is costly in terms of time and money. people as well as create conditions for “baiters” to profit from this activity.

“Digitalization is very necessary, but I want it to be implemented comprehensively. Registering online but performing work “offline” as above does not speed up the processing of work and causes a feeling of frustration and fatigue for people when they come to do work. I hope the management agencies will rectify it soon. If it is left like this, it is no different from the story of “old wine in new bottles”” reader Hoang Linh expressed his opinion.

Hoang Dieu (summary)