Regulations on notices of “cold fines” for traffic violations


Circular No. 32/2023/TT-BCA dated August 1, 2023 of the Ministry of Public Security regulating tasks, powers, forms, The content and process of patrolling, controlling, and handling administrative violations of road traffic of the Traffic Police stipulates: All cases of violation of “cold fines” will be sent a notice requesting vehicle owners to organize and individuals. related to administrative violations to the headquarters of the police agency where the administrative violation was discovered.

If traveling is difficult and there are no conditions to go directly to the police agency headquarters Where an administrative violation is detected, go to the district police headquarters where the administrative violation is located to resolve the administrative violation. Sending notice of violation is done in writing or electronically (when meeting technical information infrastructure conditions); and at the same time posting it on the website of the Traffic Police Department for people to proactively look up and comply with penalties.

In addition The Traffic Police Department advises people to be wary of scam calls through traffic “cold fine” notices. It is recommended that people raise their sense of vigilance and propagate to relatives and friends about the above tricks to avoid “falling into the trap of bad people”.

When detecting cases with signs of fraud as above, people should Immediately report to the nearest police station for prevention.