Remove seniority allowances, will teachers’ salaries from July 1 be lower than now?

Resolution 104/2023/QH15 on State Budget Estimates for 2024 states that, from July 1, comprehensive policy reform will be implemented salary according to Resolution 27-NQ/TW of 2018. In particular, the content highlights the rearrangement of allowance regimes.

Specifically, allowances for professional seniority, except for the military and police, to ensure salary correlation with civil servants.

In addition to abolishing seniority allowances, Resolution 27 will also abolish allowances for leadership positions. Directors, party work allowances, political and social organizations, civil service allowances, dangerous allowances to include within the level basic salary.

At the same time, continue to apply Part-time allowance, extra seniority allowance for senior teachers, regional allowance, work responsibility allowance; Mobile allowances.

Incorporate preferential allowances according to occupation, responsibility allowance according to occupation, and hazardous allowances. Combine special allowances, attraction allowances and long-term work allowances in areas with particularly difficult socio-economic conditions into work allowances in especially difficult areas.

On the issue In this topic, the voters of Phu Tho province proposed that Resolution 27 will carry out a new salary reform, including 70% basic salary and 30% including allowances.

Many teachers wonder what will happen then. There are no longer special teacher seniority allowances for teachers who have worked for a long time. Voters want the Ministry of Home Affairs to pay attention when developing new regulations so that teachers can feel secure in their work and stick with the profession.

In addition, voters in Bac Giang province requested to consider when implementing Currently, the new salary policy does not abolish seniority allowances for a number of industries, such as: education and training, health, courts, procuracy, civil judgment enforcement, inspection, inspection, audit, customs, forestry, market management…

In response to these contents, the Ministry of Home Affairs said that Resolution 27 clearly stated the implementation of converting old salaries to new salaries on the principle of ensuring that it is not lower than the current salary.

Also according to the Ministry Home Affairs Pursuant to conclusion 64 of the 8th Plenum of the 13th Central Committee on socio-economy in 2023-2024Resolution 104/2023 of the National Assembly on state budget estimates for 2024The Ministry of Home Affairs is urgently coordinating with relevant ministries Relevant agencies complete the specific contents of the new salary regime.

Including the salary regime for teachers as suggested by voters and submitted to competent authorities for consideration and decision. decided to implement salary policy reform according to Resolution 27 from July 1.

When implementing salary reform, a new salary system will be issued according to job position, title and position. leadership to replace the current payroll system; Convert old salary to new salary guaranteed not to be lower than current salary.

Including building a salary table for positions applicable to officials holding leadership positions; Build a professional salary table with many salary levels.