Request to correct violations at Binh Xuyen Eco-Cuisine Village

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According to the Notice of Inspection Conclusion dated August 28, 2020 on land management and construction order on the site In Binh Chanh district, Binh Xuyen Eco-Cuisine Village has a series of violations in converting land use purposes and building without permission on agricultural land, pond land, and canal land.

The investor has built without permission on agricultural land, pond land, and canal land such as: Construction of a car parking lot with an area of ​​over 2,200m2, a motorbike parking lot of over 2,300m2, The VIP room area is 460m2 wide, the dining area is 3,688m2, the kitchen is more than 1,300m2 and more than 1,300m2 is the warehouse, children’s play area and restroom.

Request to correct violations at Binh Xuyen Eco-Cuisine Village

Implementing the Inspector’s conclusion, 45612 Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has issued a decision to force it to self-implement remedial measures. consequences for Binh Xuyen restaurant.

Accordingly, the city forces the restaurant investor to take measures to overcome the consequences caused by administrative violations when converting rice land to non-agricultural land in the area. rural areas not permitted by competent State agencies with a total area of ​​more than 13,000 square meters. Of which, the construction land area is more than 7,700 square meters and the rest is fish pond and tree pond. The construction area is an iron frame with a leaf roof and leaf walls… if not done, it will be enforced according to regulations.

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Immediately after receiving this decision, nearly 200 workers here sent a petition to leaders at all levels of Ho Chi Minh City asking for consideration for this restaurant to exist until the end. Lunar New Year will dismantle itself. According to the presentation, most workers come from other provinces and have a difficult life and have to travel far and wide to earn a stable income to take care of their families, children, and parents back home.

Most of them are the main workers of the family and have been with this place of work for more than 10 years. The salary they receive is the main income to stabilize their lives.

“If the restaurant Our lives are being dismantled and our families don’t know how difficult it will be when we suddenly lose our jobs again. From being the main breadwinner, we will become a burden to our family, leading to many other consequences for hundreds of families, especially when Tet is approaching” – the collective petition of Binh Xuyen restaurant staff stated.

Request to correct violations at Binh Xuyen Eco-Cuisine Village

Mr. Tran Duy Nha, owner of Binh Xuyen restaurant, said that Binh Xuyen restaurant was rented by him from 4 households on an area of ​​25,000 m2 with the current construction status being available since 2003 including a garden inn. landscape farming duck coop, cow barn, football field. Then he renovated it with light materials such as bamboo, mangrove trees, nipa palm leaves and combined with green trees to become an ecological restaurant.

Currently, the restaurant is creating jobs for nearly 200 workers, most of whom are in economically disadvantaged provinces.

According to Mr. Tran Duy Nha, the business household registration certificate that he was granted by the People’s Committee of Binh Chanh district in 2010 also clearly stated: must terminate business activities without requiring compensation. damage as committed on January 12, 2010 when the State implemented the project according to planning. Therefore, he hopes that the authorities, considering the reason and situation for allowing the shop to operate, will dismantle it without asking for compensation to create jobs for hundreds of workers, especially after the Covid-19 epidemic, people and businesses are still facing many difficulties. .