Revealing the luxurious villas and castles in the sky of BlackPink members

BlackPink is a hot phrase on social networks today. On the morning of June 26, the Kpop fan community (Korean music fans) exploded at the announcement of YG Entertainment. Specifically, the management unit of the famous girl group BlackPink revealed that the group will have two shows at My Dinh Stadium (Hanoi) on July 29 and July 30.

BlackPink is Korean music group is famous all over the world. Thanks to her success in the field of art, despite her young age, BlackPink members own luxury villas and villas in Korea.

Lisa buys cheap villas 7.5 billion won

In February, news agency Biz Hankook reported that BlackPink singer Lisa had bought a villa. Luxury villa in Seoul for 7.5 billion won (more than 135 billion VND). This 2-storey villa is located in the Seongbuk-dong neighborhood – one of the wealthiest areas in the Korean capital Seoul.

BlackPink member's luxurious sky castle villa revealed - 1
The villa is said to belong to Lisa (Photo: Allkpop).

Information indicates that Lisa signed a contract buy a house in September July 2022 and use cash to pay for assets. The last batch was carried out last January.

Information from Biz Hankook shows that the house was built in 2016 and has a total floor area of ​​68,922 square meters. The previous owner of the villa was Mrs. Chang Seon-yoon, granddaughter of Lotte Group founder Shin Kyuk-ho.

Seongbuk-dong is also home to famous people such as former actors Bae Yong-joon and singer cum-actor Lee Seung-gi.

The purchase of Lisa took place 2 years after it was reported that in June 2020 she had been placed under management. scammed nearly 1 billion won. This former manager promised to use this money to invest in real estate on Lisa’s behalf, but ended up pouring it all into gambling.

According to YG Entertainment’s statement in 2020, the former manager This person returned part of the money and left the company after agreeing on a plan to repay the remaining amount.

Rose bought an aerial villa with Seoul view for 98 billion won


According to information from Uchify, in addition to possessing one of the best voices in K-Pop, Rosé – a member of the group also owns an apartment with a beautiful view. most Seoul. The apartment she owns is located in the Yongsan Prugio Summit building in Yongsan-gu district.

This area is also home to other famous singers such as JennieG-Dragon, a member of SHINEEBTS.

Rosé’s luxurious apartment with a wide view (Photo: Uchify).

The apartments here usually have an area from 112m2 to 272m2. Some information on social networks says that Rosé’s house is located on one of the top floors of Yongsan Prugio and is worth about 95 billion won (more than 171 billion VND).

With a luxurious style, the house Rosé’s has a neutral color palette and creates a cozy feel. Around her apartment you will find brick walls in different shades of gray and a variety of sofas and beanbags.

Jennie in Beverly Hills of Korea</strong >

Jennie’s house is located in Hannam-dong area (Yongsan-guSeoul district). This is where there are houses with beautiful views of the Han River and Namsan Mountain. Hannam-dong is known as the residence of politicians, owners of large corporations and other famous people.

This area is likened to the Beverly Hills of Korea. Hannam-dong is considered one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Seoul. This area is also Song Hye-kyo’s residence.

In Hannam-Dong there is UN Village – a set of houses priced at 3-10 billion won (about 54-180 billion VND). UN Village is also sought after by the upper class thanks to its excellent feng shui.

Information from Uchify said Jennie is living at The House – located deep in UN Village. Jennie’s villa has an area of ​​about 450m2 of floor area and is speculated to cost 5454485 billion won (about 99-117 billion VND). The house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on 2 floors.