Romantic wedding scene of a couple, wife 61, husband 26 years old in Cao Bang

On the afternoon of September 19, the couple was busy preparing for the big happy day. At bride Thu Sao’s house, the atmosphere has been bustling since morning. Many relatives and friends of the bride were present to prepare the wedding table. In front of the spacious 3-storey house in Cao Bang city, the wedding pavilion with white and purple colors with flowers has been completed.The bride’s procession will be held on September 20. The image of the bride and groom is enlarged and printed solemnly to stand out against the theater background. Throughout the morning, Ms. Thu Sao took advantage of the hair salon to beautify her hair before getting married to her husband’s house.

The inside of the house is also decorated in a strikingly romantic way. . Sharing with PV, Ms. Thu Sao could not hide her emotions and said that right now she is as nervous as the first time she got into a wedding car to go to her husband’s house. Her wedding was held simply and warmly with guests mainly being close friends and cousins ​​from both sides. In which, at the girl’s house there are about 20 feasts and at the boy’s house there are nearly 40 trays.

To prepare for the wedding, Ms. Sao and her husband went to Hanoi to try on wedding dresses and hired a makeup artist. The 61-year-old bride also sewed pillows to prepare her wedding blanket. Now all the preparations have been completed and we are just waiting for the day of the event. My husband and I are both happy and anxiously waiting for each day. Until now everything still feels like a dream to me. I can’t believe that at this age I can once again wear a bridal gown and find my happiness,” Ms. Sao said emotionally.

Sharing with reporter Mr. Trieu Van Mau (born 1960), Ms. Sao’s father-in-law said that currently both he and his wife’s feelings are back. Box of happiness takes care of my two children’s wedding. Sharing about his special daughter-in-law, Mr. Man commented that Ms. Sao is an emotional person and knows how to care for others. “If two children love each other, there will be no problems in the family. The age difference is okay as long as the children are happy. As fate has arranged it, we also support our children,” Mr. Mau said.

Previously, the love story of Ms. Sao and Mr. Cuong “stirred up” public opinion. At the time of marriage registration, the groom was only 26 years old and the bride was 61 years old. Before deciding to get married, the two had half a year to get to know and love each other. Immediately after posting on social networks, this special love story immediately caused a “fever” and received many mixed comments.