Safe disinfection, something all people should know

1. Dear Associate Professor, are disinfection and sterilization important to humans?

Disinfection and Sterilization in English (sterilization in English) is the process of eliminating or completely destroying all infectious agents such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, etc. Disinfection and sterilization are processes used used in many fields and plays a very important role not only in the field of water treatment and cleaning but also in disinfecting the environment, surfaces, solutions, utensils, materials, agricultural products, Wounds, etc. In particular, the process of sterilization (sterilization) for food needs to be safe, not degrading or losing nutrients in the food, not adding toxic substances to the food; not creating accompanying by-products so as not to cause harm to users..

2. Associate professor, can you clearly explain what safe sterilization is?

Safe sterilization depends on the subject using a suitable sterilization agent in terms of type. efficiency and cost how to do it so as not to create side effects that affect the product environment and health human.

3. How necessary is safe disinfection and safe disinfection knowledge for health? Associate Professor?

Safe disinfection process and proper understanding of it is absolutely necessary to ensure public health and improve quality of life. This process is performed regularly every day and every hour in daily life, for example, disinfecting foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish… to preserve before processing and use; disinfect water for direct drinking; sterilize items (bowls, chopsticks, cups, milk bottles, breast pumps, and children’s clothes); treatment room (gargle, clean wounds, etc.); Storing food after many hours or days of deodorization…

Unsafe disinfection will cause reactions or side effects that affect health.

In addition When disinfecting, you need to pay attention to choosing the method (disinfectant) to make the disinfection process effective. Normally this process can effectively destroy up to 99% of harmful bacteria.

4. Associate Professor, please tell us about the safety level of current sterilization methods?

The safety level as mentioned above depends on each sterilization method. (agent used) and for each specific case, for example, disinfection with physiological saline, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide solution, also known as chlorine hydrogen peroxide and chlorine compounds (with appropriate dosage concentrations). … often applied to sterilize wound and tool surfaces… Sterilization with ultraviolet ozone is often applied to the production of bottled purified water. Currently, a number of other effective disinfection agents such as nano silver are being used quite commonly in many fields including water disinfection.

5. According to Associate Professor, which solution is currently the most effective and safest option?

As mentioned above, the sterilization solution is currently commonly used depending on the situation. depending on each field and scale. One of the safest and most effective antibacterial (disinfection) solutions being commonly used is the use of nano silver with a very small size (3-10 nm). The main advantages of nano silver include:

• Nano silver has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses; anti-fungal and deodorizing.

• Nano silver completely destroys spores of more than 650 types of disease-causing fungi, bacteria, and viruses in just 5-6 minutes, so bacteria and viruses have no chance of becoming resistant to drugs. Therefore, nano silver can be used regularly for a long time while still ensuring antibacterial effectiveness.

• Nano silver is safe for human health even at relatively high doses without chemical additives The substance does not cause toxic chemical residues in the product after sterilization.

• High chemical stability can be preserved and used after 2-3 years.

In short, nano silver has a high ability to kill bacteria that can be hundreds of times higher than metallic silver. Nano silver is considered a safe and effective natural disinfectant widely used in water treatment and has been tested and recognized by experts. In addition, nano silver’s high disinfection feature has been applied to many other types of household appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, deodorizers, fruit deodorizers… and food containers such as milk bottles, dishes…

Based on the sterilization mechanism of Nano Silver, it provides high and safe sterilization ability. Recently, Karofi Vietnam Joint Stock Company has launched a sterilization device using this technology. Pure fresh Nano Silver technology is called NanoSilvor. This device has a sterilization efficiency of up to 99.99% and has a sterilization effect of up to 12 hours certified by the Ministry of Health. NanoSilvor comes with water purifier RO (Karofi Plus) and has a water outlet containing fresh Nano Silver essence to effectively kill bacteria, absolutely safe for health and very flexible in use (used to deodorize hands, wash food, do laundry wash milk bottles, clean and disinfect wounds…). See product details here