Shark Thuy was arrested, how do investors get their money back?

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy (aka Shark Thuy, former Chairman of EGroup Joint Stock Company) was served by the Police Investigation Agency of the Ministry of Public Security with a decision to prosecute the defendant and detained for fraud. appropriation of property. Regarding the case, Mr. Dang Van Hien (Head of Investor Relations of EGame Company) was also prosecuted for the above crime.

Prosecution decisions are the result of the verification process , resolving criminal complaints from many investors related to Mr. Thuy’s appropriation of shareholder money through the transfer of EGroup’s shares.

The former Chairman of EGroup’s legal troubles causing many investors to be confused and worried when their invested capital is still stuck in this corporation’s ecosystem. So according to the law, what do people need to do to get back the money they invested in? Shark Thuy’s company?.

Lawyer Hoang Trong Giap (Director of Hoang Sa Law Firm) Hanoi City Attorney) assessed that the news of Mr. Thuy being prosecuted was not a surprise, especially in the context of businesses being insolvent and denunciations about illegal capital mobilization activities of businesses are increasing. The law has no regulations on restricting weak businesses from raising capital, but this activity must strictly comply with the provisions of the law and absolutely must not provide false information to create confidence in calling for investors to contribute. capital.

“In fact, many well-known businesses with reduced financial capacity have taken advantage of their reputation and position in the market to burnish their names, false advertising, and giving false information to mobilize capital. capital. When receiving money, they use capital contrary to the original purpose, leading to insolvency and damage to investors. This is an act that shows signs of fraudulent appropriation of property and should be strictly handled in accordance with the law,” lawyer Giap analyzed.

For shark Thuyong Giap’s case, according to According to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code 2015, investors who receive shares transferred at EGroup are responsible for providing documents and evidence proving the transfer to the investigation agency for evaluation and consideration in case of filing They will be included in the case by the agency conducting the proceedings as a victim or person with related rights and obligations.

For the refund of money, investors will not be able to directly receive the money back, even if EGroup is willing to refund them immediately but must follow the legal proceedings.

Accordingly, all assets related to Mr. Thuy’s criminal acts will be recovered. The investigation agency will blockade and prevent upheaval to ensure the execution of the judgment. In addition, if the suspect or the suspect’s family voluntarily compensates the victim, that amount of money will be returned to the investigation agency for management. That evaluates the ability to overcome the consequences of the case as well as consider circumstances that mitigate the criminal liability of the defendant.

Based on the total amount of assets confiscated from the offender, prosecuting agencies proceedings and the enforcement agency will determine the responsibility to reimburse Mr. Thuy and related people for compensation and remedial damages. The refund is made at the civil judgment enforcement agency after the effective judgment of the competent People’s Court is issued.

Hoang Linh