Signing investment agreement for Marina Mong Cai project – villas on Ka Long river

Rare collection

Real estate prices in Mong Cai, especially the land segment at the beginning of 2023, have increased by 10% in some places. – 20% compared to the end of 2021. A new price level has been established and maintained until now. Investors say that this development is easy to understand when considering the potential of the real estate market here.

With the push in transportation infrastructure and many large-scale projects that have been and are being Once implemented, Mong Cai has the opportunity to breakthrough into one of the busiest economic and commercial centers in the country. A series of projects, from Van Don – Mong Cai expressway to Bac Luan II border gate and then Van Ninh port (completed in 2024) are expected to bring new momentum to the entire Mong Cai border gate economic zone. .

In recent times, Mong Cai has attracted a series of professional real estate investors such as Vingroup, Sun Group, Ecopark, SGO Group… Most recently, the border real estate market witnessed the cooperation of 3 units to develop a collection of villas on the Ka Long River” named Marina Mong Cai.

Accordingly, 45599ASEAN Trade Cooperation Joint Stock Company and SGO Group and An Binh Invest signed an investment cooperation agreement for the Marina Mong Cai project, committing to work together to promote its own advantages to bring customers the best quality products.

“The project is the enthusiasm of the investor Investment and project distribution units with the desire to provide the market with a different product: riverside villas in a prime location. Marina Mong Cai is a rare project located on the Ka Long River that will bring high value to sharp investors. Once they own the product, there is a high possibility that investors will not sell it,” Mr. Dinh The Quynh, member of the Board of Directors of SGO Group – representative of the project investor, shared at the signing ceremony.

Signing investment agreement for Marina Mong Cai project - villas on Ka Long river

Agrees with Mr. Dinh The Quynh Vu Xuan Truong – Deputy General Director of An Binh Invests, said that as land in Mong Cai becomes more and more popular, products in special locations like Marina Mong Cai will prove valuable to investors It is easy to determine the scarcity of products with many advantages like Marina Mong Cai.

Masterpiece on the Ka Long River

Marina Mong Cai appears in the context of Mong Cai city receiving large investment in transportation infrastructure thanks to its important strategic role on the national socio-economic map.

The project is located located next to the border gate, located in the last rare land fund on the Ka Long river, in the new dynamic central area of ​​Mong Cai city with cross-border views. The project is far from Highway 18 – a highly connected arterial road Mong Cai – Ha Long expressway is only 500m, right next to ICD Thanh Dat dry port, 25km from Mong Cai international border gate and 6km from Bac Luan bridge

The project location offers a unique choice for elite residents with affordable prices. Unique pioneering value for a prosperous life in the middle of an international commercial center, easy to trade and at the same time a settlement and investment product for a long-term vision.

With an international vision, residents of Marina Mong You can fully enjoy the landscape of Ka Long River and the advantage of feng shui prosperity. Along with that, the project’s complete utility system ensures all residents’ needs, from recreation to commerce, entertainment and tourism.

The project investor said that all products have certificates. Long lasting legal transparency when handed over to customers. After purchasing, the owner can flexibly build a house, exploit it for rent or do business depending on his financial plan.

Signing investment agreement for Marina Mong Cai project - villas on Ka Long river

Currently, you can own a riverside villa in the center of major cities above. In the world, customers have to spend 5-10 million USD for a product. With Marina Mong Cai, the price is much more competitive, bringing a great opportunity for investors to own a high-end product.

In the context that Mong Cai city is on the verge of breakthrough with support Regarding copper infrastructure, positive signals from the border gate economy, especially the policy of allowing people to drive back and forth between Vietnam and China through Mong Cai border gate, Marina Mong Cai villa area promises to become a center of prosperity. A new honor for the rich in Mong Cai and a sustainable profitable investment..

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