– Looking back at the journey of formation and development

At a time when network operators are actively promoting market development in 2011, many individuals and enterprise has participated in this potential market, including Hiep Thanh Vu Company Only a few employees of the company encountered many difficulties in the beginning. Based on the strength of technology, the company has determined its main direction in the online market with the website – providing investigation tools. Save beautiful sim number convenient and fast for users At this time, it is still very new to the majority of people, and buying and selling traditional SIM cards is also very popular, so not many people know about the company’s Sim Thang Long brand.

“ There were times when the network changed company policies and it was very difficult to adapt and adjust accordingly. Frustrated employees leave the company. But with the burning desire that all Vietnamese users can own beautiful sim numbers and phone numbers according to their wishes, the company has continued to overcome those times and develop into what it is today. ” – Mr. Than Van Duy, director of Hiep Thanh Telecommunications Services Joint Stock Company, shared.

According to Mr. Duy, personal phone numbers are like each person’s name, clearly showing their personality and personal impression to partners or people around them. . Therefore, owning a phone number as desired is a need of almost every person. However, due to the price to own a nice SIM number right now like four precious sim feng shui sim is also not low. Not to mention the unfair competitive or monopolistic sim price difference makes it more difficult for these phone numbers to reach users.

Therefore, Hiep Thanh Company – is still trying to Every day we strive to bring a healthy competitive environment with information fully reaching users, creating conditions for everyone to own a beautiful sim number at a reasonable price.

Up to this point, has had a system of stores in many provinces and cities such as Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Hai Duong Hung Yen Tuyen Quang with a team of professionally and methodically trained staff. The company is continuing to expand more branches/sales points nationwide and hopes to be able to cover 64 provinces and cities in the near future. Thus, users will be able to easily come and receive full information advice directly, no matter in any province or city.

In addition, in order to comply with the wishes and operating principles of How does the company help users to own beautiful SIM numbers in a simple, convenient and reasonable price? also accepts nationwide delivery and commits to 100% of SIMs being registered in the buyer’s name. Thanks to the good quality and reputation of after-sales service, has received a lot of trust from customers as well as from the beautiful sim number community in Vietnam. Currently is the official agent of major carriers in Vietnam such as Vinaphone Mobifone Viettel.

Maybe the road ahead will still have many unforeseen difficulties, but always believe that we will stand firm and be the leader in overcoming all storms to carry out our stated mission.