Single Vietnamese mother married a Pakistani man: 4 years later, she unexpectedly returned to her husband’s family

He’s so handsome”

Signing the divorce papers when her first son was just 1 year old, Ms. Tran Thuy Trang (38 years old from Lao Cai) wiped away tears and thought. about the unsteady days that followed.

Ms. Trang had to suppress her mixed emotions to earn money to support her children. At that time, she sent her children to her parents to help take care of them and then applied for a job as a supermarket clerk. It takes a long time for a single mother to balance and temporarily stabilize her mentality.

Seeing that her children are getting older but her finances are not enough to take care of her, Trang decided to go to Japan to work to have a better life. new life. At that time, her child was only 3 years old.

“Life in a foreign land is hard, but I’m lucky to have my child by my side. I use that as motivation to try,” the single mother said.

Even though she appears strong, in her heart, Trang always needs a man’s shoulder to lean on. While surfing the dating app, she had the opportunity to meet Mr. Tallal Ahmed (37 years old from Pakistan).

Chatting for a while and developing feelings, the two arranged to meet and then moved on to love. Both live and work in Japan but in two cities quite far away. Therefore, the couple often chats on the phone every day. After 1 month of falling in love, the two decided to go home together.

Single Vietnamese mother married a Pakistani man

“When I first met him, I was impressed because he was so handsome and funny and friendly. I also clearly explained my situation and he happily accepted. On the first date, I brought my child along and he treated her like his own child, which made me very grateful,” Ms. Trang confided.

Or the news that the couple came together, both families did not prohibit it, but on the contrary. very supportive. According to Ms. Trang, with Muslim customs, marrying a divorced woman is something to be respected. Her husband also teaches her many things to avoid even though her husband’s family is not too harsh on her.

Single Vietnamese mother married a Pakistani man

Seeing her husband’s rich family background, Ms. Trang was surprised but not too concerned (Photo : Character provided).

The husband’s family lives in a 1,000m2 villa

Because of health problems, Ms. Trang Having difficulty getting pregnant naturally. When IVF failed, Ms. Trang was very disappointed, but luckily she always had her husband by her side.

“I had planned to return to being a single mother, but he was very patient and encouraged me not to give up. Thanks to the couple’s sincerity, they successfully had another baby girl,” the mother shared.

When their daughter turned 1 year old, the two held a wedding after 4 years of living as husband and wife. The wedding took place quite elaborately in Mr. Tallal’s hometown, lasting 3 days according to Muslim customs.

The first time she returned to her husband’s house, Ms. Trang was surprised to see his family living in 2 houses. Villa with an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters. This is a 3-storey villa with many generations living together.

Surprised by her husband’s “huge” family background, Ms. Trang was not too concerned about the situation of her lover.

“We got together so quickly that we didn’t have much time to get to know each other well. My husband is a simple person who always works hard to develop the company. I also work on my own and don’t depend on anyone, so “I don’t care if you’re rich or poor,” Ms. Trang said.

Single Vietnamese mother married a Pakistani man

With the straightforward and close personality of this mother of one child, Tallal was also touched to see his wife taking care of a lot for him. family work. Trang has never asked for anything, so he trusts and respects his wife.

Entering the 9th year of marriage, Trang admitted that there were many times the couple argued because of cultural differences. However, because the feeling was so great, the two calmly listened and were in harmony with each other.

“I think love also depends on fate. When fate comes, happiness comes, and joy. We just keep trying. Live well and have the right person by your side” Ms. Trang shared.