Skin aesthetic revolution – Dr. Hoang Tuan’s remarkable event in 2023

On this occasion, Dr. Hoang Tuan officially launched a new melasma treatment treatment with Picosure Pro technology, introducing the application of technology to cosmetic injection therapies. This unit offers a free melasma treatment worth 200 million VND and hundreds of valuable gifts to guests participating in the event.

The event attracts hundreds of beauty enthusiasts

With Dr Hoang Tuan’s annual event for beauty enthusiasts is no longer a stranger. This is also an opportunity for many customers to have the opportunity to hunt for preferential rates and valuable gifts for themselves.

The event took place at 9am but many women arrived early. From the waiting area to the consulting area, many customers are still patiently waiting for their turn to be examined by a team of qualified doctors.

Being directly advised by a team of consulting doctors on beauty technology methods that are suitable for them, many women decide to immediately perform the service.

Attending the event, on behalf of Hoang Tuan Aesthetics, there was the presence of Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Hoang Tuan – Deputy Director of the Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Head of the Department of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Hospital. National Burns Le Huu Trac – Chairman of the Professional Advisory Council of Hoang Tuan Cosmetic Clinic System; Dermatologist team Dr Hoang Tuan special guest Mrs. Grace Tsoi (Clinical Director, Asia Pacific, Cynosure). There are also the presence of partner units: Phyris BDR Dr Spiller Janami SKIN MD Platform Company and Profhilo Vietnam … and other guests.

“The event is considered a revolution in the skin aesthetic industry, marking a special development milestone for Dr. Hoang Tuan: a revolution in Professional team; revolution in technology machines; revolution in treatment processes; revolution in customer experience clearly demonstrate our reach beyond 12 last year”   Dr. Dr. Hoang Thanh Tuan spoke at the event.

At the event, Dr. Hoang Thanh Tuan, Doctor Luu Tuan Phong – Head of Department of Internal Medicine and Dermatology shared knowledge about melasma treatment. beautiful by injection methods.

The doctor’s close practical words cite cases where customers have successfully performed internal cosmetic services to treat melasma and freckles, making them beautiful. The atmosphere of the event became more exciting.

The program also had the radiant appearance of Ms. Le Vien Lan Huong (wife of Dr. Hoang Thanh Tuan) as a guest as well as is a customer who has had many non-surgical beauty services performed.

In which, Picosure Pro Laser melasma treatment technology was directly introduced by Dr. Hoang Thanh Tuan, attracting the attention of customers because the treatment is only effective. for a short time. The doctor directly invites customers who have successfully treated melasma to share their melasma treatment stories when coming to Dr. Hoang Tuan.

The highlight of the event was the transfer ceremony of modern melasma treatment technology Picosure Pro – the latest generation in 2023</strong >

Inheriting existing technological achievements along with a team of highly skilled doctors who have studied at prestigious universities at home and abroad Dr. Hoang Tuan launched the technology transfer ceremony Modern melasma treatment technology Picosure Pro – the latest generation in 2023 is certified by the US FDA in the treatment of long-term melasma, complex melasma and congenital birthmarks.

With heavy investment in technology Picosure Pro has a total value of up to 8 billion VND. Dr. Hoang Tuan said he is always confident and will be the address to bring all customers the best beauty results.

“The unit always focuses on investing in advanced modern equipment technology in each treatment care and treatment process. Therefore, customers can feel secure when coming to experience beauty services here,” a representative of the unit shared.

This event is also an opportunity to express gratitude to loyal customers who have always trusted the company. In addition, recognizing the need for beauty treatments at the best prices, the unit decided to extend a special promotion of an additional 5% off the already reduced price for all domestic cosmetic services. department at the event until November 22, 2023. For details, contact hotline 0961888656 – 0937818656 – 0931858636.

With the mission of “Preserving spring beauty” with meticulous investment in everything. Dr Hoang Tuan’s face promises to be a comprehensive beauty address for millions of Vietnamese women on their journey to find the “perfect version” of themselves.