“So stubborn” – Ho Dac Di street

So But until now this road is still in the same state as the first days it was “in the news”. Only the people here and the students of the universities of Economics, Foreign Language University, Faculty of Physical Education and soon Hue Law Faculty are there. have to endure daily traffic jams, dust and hardship when having to cross these “potholes”.

The road is less than 1km, but in the past few years people have had to “make do”! “In the dry season, the dust is thick, and in the rainy season, the roads are flooded and muddy. Going to school is like crossing Truong Son road!”- that is the frustrated statement of Luu Thi Gai, a student at Hue University of Foreign Languages.
“So stubborn” - Ho Dac Di street
At this road, thousands of students pass by every day. If construction is carried out, it will definitely Falling into serious congestion! The question is why the contractor does not repair the road and drainage pipe system in the summer when the density of students and people passing by is not much

The rainy season is about to pass and this road will certainly fall into even more serious condition. And then only the people, students of the universities, here have to continue to “suffer” with such a “stubborn” road situation.