Some traditional swords in the country of the Samurai

Born since the Kofun period (from 250-538) Japanese swords are considered by Western historians to be the sharpest sword in world military history. There are many types of Japanese swords that vary in size, shape, use and method of manufacture.
is said to be the earliest sword in the history of Japanese swords, originating from China and imported to Japan before the 10th century. This type of sword has a basic shape with a straight blade. It was used to slash and stab enemies and was worn at the waist.
Popular since the 15th century, the Tachi is considered the predecessor of the Katana sword, but the blade is longer and more curved. Tachi swords were favored by Japanese warriors and were often used while riding horses. The length and curve of the blade is an advantage when fighting infantry enemies. The Tachi sword is worn suspended with the edge down and this is how it is distinguished from the Katana sword. Photo: Wikipedia

Popular in the period 1392-1573 during the Muromachi period Katana is the legendary Japanese sword. History records that this sword is closely associated with Samurai warriors in feudal Japan, so the Katana is also called “Samurai sword”. This sword has characteristic features such as a length of 60-73cm with a thin blade and a long handle so it can be held with both hands. Katana swords are famous for their sharpness and excellent cutting ability. The blade was facing upward so that warriors could pull out their swords and attack their enemies with a single movement.

Wakizashi is also a traditional Japanese sword that functions as a backup weapon or even a secondary weapon. Wakizashi swords have many similar characteristics to Katanas but are often shorter, suitable for fighting in limited spaces or used at the same time as Katanas. These two types of swords are both items of religious importance as well as symbols of the integrity and values ​​of the Samurai.

Tanto is a Japanese dagger considered the oldest and most beloved Samurai weapon by the Japanese people. This type of sword has a double-sided blade no more than 30cm long. The sword is straight and is also used together with the Katana.

Some traditional swords in the country of the Samurai

If you are a “big fan” of Japanese culture, you will recognize the familiar image of warriors dressed in black holding the legendary Ninja sword. This type of sword is carefully carved with a straight, smooth body and was used by Shinobi (assassins) in feudal Japan.

Appeared at the end of the 16th century. Uchigatana was also commonly used by Samurai. This sword has the same characteristics as the Tachi sword, but it is worn with the edge facing up when worn on the Samurai’s belt.