Sometimes you need to be brave enough to leave even when you still love that person

Letting go of love is one of the most painful experiences of life. When you have spent so much time and emotion on someone, the prospect of a life without them is unimaginable. You will always remember the memories you shared, the plans you made, and feel nothing but pain. If you have just broken up, your future plans are almost shattered. You’ll find yourself beating yourself up about the things you could have done differently, the arguments you could have avoided, and the things you regret saying.

Every Every relationship is special and there are many reasons to say that breaking up is the best solution for both of you. Maybe after a long time of love, you will discover the values ​​of happiness and love Your dreams are not the same. At first you think you will get over it, but as time goes on, the differences separate you more and more. Love is sometimes not enough and you sadly understand: it’s time to break up.

It’s also possible that two people are comfortable with differences but it’s really difficult to find a common voice. when conflicts need to be resolved. Or you have to stop for some other reason. Whatever the cause, emotional breakdown causes emotional damage. But that’s completely normal. Love yourself and accept that there will be a long time when you will be in an unstable mood because of your decisions.

1. Breaking up is a brave decision even though the relationship brings more sadness than joy

Farewell to someone means farewell to hope. You may have believed that this is your soulmate, someone who has the same soul as you, or at least someone you have been with for a long time. It is very difficult to face the fact that we need to take a new path and allow a new person to take the place of the person we once loved. You will feel lonely even though you still have friends around and family comfort. If possible, relax yourself to receive their pampering and support.

Deciding to break up with the person you love is a brave decision. In doing so, you are proving to yourself that you are completely capable of creating your own happiness and that you do not need to rely on anyone to make life worth living. When you leave a relationship that makes you miserable, you are confirming that you deserve better and a new, more constructive relationship.

2. Breaking up heralds a good beginning

Let go of a harmful relationship allowing you to move forward to a brighter future. There is an idiom that says: “If you love someone, let them go.” Look deep inside yourself and you will realize that freeing yourself and the other person from a relationship that is holding and hindering you both means you are helping yourself and the other person have the opportunity to have a happy life. than. In this way letting go is the kindest act and expression of kindness you can give each other.

Every relationship teaches us a lesson that sometimes we We only realize it when it ends. Although you may feel like your whole world is falling apart, over time you will realize that you are embarking on a new beginning. Let the lessons you learned from your old love help you create and develop new, good relationships in the future. And don’t forget one thing you will definitely find love again. This time of suffering is a step that brings you closer to what you truly need and want from life.

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