Stilt house coffee – Northwest space in the heart of Hanoi

Rustic stilt house colored by time

In the midst of the modern capital, the unique mountainous space easily makes a big impression on visitors. In the stilt house of the Muong people, the scent of coffee spreads to every corner, awakening all the senses. Many people come to the stilt house to drink coffee mainly to immerse themselves in a cultural space that is hard to find right in the heart of Hanoi.

The owner of the cafe is a guy born in 1994, Nguyen Viet Cuong. According to Mr. Cuong’s share, this stilt house has existed since 1968. In 1993, this house was moved by two painters Nguyen Manh Duc and Tran Luong from Hoa Binh to Hanoi. At that time, the stilt house became a cultural and artistic space for writers and artists. Later, due to some incidents, this space stopped operating.

“When I accidentally knew I really liked this space and wanted to turn it into a coffee shop. In 2016, I tried to buy back the stilt house frame and went through many difficulties. I finally owned this house and started a coffee shop from there,” Mr. Cuong shared.

The stilt house frame still retains its structure despite many repairs
With an unfavorable location hidden in an alley on Buoi Street, when it first opened, very few people knew about the stilt house cafe. Customers coming to the shop are mainly acquaintances, so at first the stilt house coffee shop was very deserted, causing economic pressure for the 9X guy. After a long period of persistent operation, stilt house coffee has now become a destination for many people living and working in Hanoi.

The shop has a bold layout The artistic quality of the sign is made of very rustic wood. The decorative carvings in the wooden floor house are kept original. The tiled roof and brick walls have been covered with moss over time, creating an old feeling. People come to the stilt house to immerse themselves in the scent of coffee and the gentle melodies of the mountains and forests.

The stairs to the 2nd floor are decorated by the owner with a series of collected photos about Northwest culture and people. Each item the cafe owner chooses for decoration bears the mark of a generation or a period of the country’s history. It feels so cozy and strangely simple when sipping a hot cup of coffee in the middle of an old stilt house.

A small corner inside the stilt house cafe

The gate wall is covered with moss, creating an ancient part for the stilt house

The shop owner said that in order to have a unique cultural space for tourists coming to Hanoi, he also invested a large amount of money. In addition to business Mr. Cuong is a coffee shop designer himself. To him, art is life. So even though it was very difficult to have this coffee shop, throughout the process he never intended to give up.

Silent in the heart of the capital, witnessing the hasty changes of Hanoi’s stilt houses still retain their idyllic wildness and that is what has made this place a favorite destination for many people.