Strange matchmaking service, customers spend hundreds of millions of dong to find a lover in Hanoi

Matchmaking service, love connection for picky people”

At the end of the 2022 Lunar New Year holiday, Ms. Vu Nguyet Anh (CEO of a matchmaking company high-end relationship with headquarters in Hanoi) is busy arranging each lucky money envelope to send to customers. She also carefully checks the “profiles” of the “young men and women” planning “matchmaking” for the next couples after “freezing” work due to covid.

In 2011, Ms. Anh first established a company providing matchmaking services but soon closed it. After one year of operation, four years later, she continued to rebuild the company, targeting a group of customers who have economic conditions with a university degree or higher and have good looks but are busy with work. work so I haven’t found a suitable “half” for me yet.

When participating in this unique matchmaking service, in addition to investing a cost of 15-70 million VND, customers must also meet “strict” standards such as living In Hanoi, there must be a certificate of single status… In addition, customers must have a good appearance, have an official job, have a high income and ability to pay compared to the general level of society…</p >

Currently, Ms. Anh’s company’s most advanced matchmaking service package has fees ranging from 15 to 70 million VND (depending on the service package). When customers register for the service, they will be supported in selectively searching and choosing one sixty eight and nine potentially suitable dating partners within a period of 3, 6, 9 months to 1 year, respectively. If you purchase the “commitment to success” package worth VND 100 million, customers can introduce an unlimited number of candidates within two years.

Ms. Anh’s company’s matchmaking service is mainly aimed at the high-end customer segment People are “picky” or have trouble in love (Photo: NVCC).

Spending tens to hundreds of millions of dong to find a lover

In 2017, a girl named M. (born 1989, Communications Director of a company in the publishing industry) came to Ms. Anh’s matchmaking company and signed up for a service package. nearly 20 million VND. Through the service, M. connected with some elite guys and had very fun dates. However, after a while of keeping in contact, they just stopped at a friendship relationship.

To have more opportunities to find a suitable “other half”, the young director tried to make a random appointment with a male member on a dating app. Scrolling through the list, she stopped when she saw information about Mr. K. (born 1977), head of a construction company.

“I saw the profile of a pretty old man and wondered what they were looking for in a dating app at this age. Because I was curious, I decided to set up a date with him. “M. shared.

Previously, Mr. K. was also introduced to a few “brilliant” candidates but did not find anyone suitable. When receiving M.’s appointment, this man was a bit confused. He had just left the class reunion party and was a little drunk, so he was worried that the other person would feel that he was rude. While in a “dilemma”, Mr. K received phone from the service’s customer service staff. This person encouraged him to come to the appointment, maybe he would have an interesting friend that he was looking for.

The first time we met, Ms. M. was a lively and open talker. I’m a bit confused and speechless. And Mr. K. works in environment is full of male colleagues who are not good at communicating but have a bit of spirit in them and have just attended a fun class reunion, as if they were reliving their mischievous school days, so they The conversation became more exciting and he passionately told his funny stories.

After the date left a lot of impression on the other person, the relationship between M. and Mr. K. also developed rapidly. About half a month later, the mature department head officially confessed his love to the female communications director. Both also experienced a longing that was hard to suppress when M. went on a business trip for a short time. At that moment, they realized even more how they had “fallen” for each other.

A year later, Ms. Anh and the company were happy to receive a wedding invitation from that couple. It turns out that before meeting M., Mr. K. was still struggling with sad memories of a relationship that ended 6 years ago. Therefore, although family urged and his age has begun to be considered “older” and has tried to meet many people but he still cannot start any more relationships new.

Another time, in the summer of the “first Covid” year, an 8X businessman in Hanoi impressed with his height of 1m8 Find a matchmaking company. Even though he has a very good education and good conditions, he still hasn’t found a satisfactory girlfriend for many years.

Through the matchmaking service, the businessman wishes to be able to choose the “other half” who meets all the criteria such as having a pretty appearance, graduating from a top university, and studying abroad as well as possible. Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, he required there to be an “emotional connection” with the other person right at the first meeting.

Within two months, the male customer was introduced to 4 girls who met all the conditions. It impressed him a lot, but he didn’t feel any emotional connection. He decided to lower his criteria and put his trust in the matchmaker’s “cool hands”.

Although the fifth candidate was not as pretty as the previous girls and had never studied abroad, she still attracted him. handsome because of his gentleness, grace and unobtrusive intelligence. Although she did not meet the original requirements, the guy felt very sympathetic. They finally fell in love after many dates. The businessman now realized that he really just needed a sophisticated woman to help him feel peaceful, joyful and happy instead of looking for an outstanding girl.

In many ways During her years as a matchmaker, Ms. Anh also encountered many guests who were both laughing and crying. She once met a male customer who reacted harshly and demanded to use the “fortune” red book to replace the complicated paperwork at the registration step such as ID card, certificate of singleness, job, education…. Even Some people even set “difficult” standards such as a girl’s face must not be too angular or too round, her chin must be naturally slim…

“We once met The female customer is a child from a rich family who studied at a top school in Europe and her parents bought her own house. However, she lacks independence and has no hobbies or interests. She still leaves the housework to her mother.” female CEO. said.

When the mother went to a matchmaking service to find a boyfriend for her daughter, the company made a condition that the girl needed to undergo a course in communication skills. The staff at the company even had to give her suggestions from her shy way of speaking to her hunchback sitting posture, but the customer ignored her. The girl also expressed her displeasure and criticized the three boys introduced to her.

After that, the company had to put her on the “black list” and refused to continue matchmaking even though the mother continuously contacted her to find a boyfriend for her child.

“Up to now We have successfully matched many couples. In our high-end customer base, there are more than 10 married couples and dozens of other couples who are also officially dating Even though we haven’t been able to go very far, we have developed a working friendship,” the CEO of Vietnam’s most selective dating app revealed.

Regarded by many as a “cool” matchmaker, Ms. Anh revealed that she had also successfully “matched” a number of couples who were close friends and acquaintances. They also expressed their interest in supporting her matchmaking work. Even many people who are in love or married still often contact her for love advice.