Strangely, the worm has a terrifying appearance similar to a snake

When first looking at the Hemeroplanes triptolemus worm, most people will be startled because they think they are facing a snake raising its head towards them. However, upon closer inspection, people can recognize the difference of this “snake”, when the body is unusually short and the snake’s head is actually… the tail.
Hemeroplanes triptolemus is a moth of the Sphingidae family. In its larval form, it normally has the same shape as other normal worms, but when it feels threatened it has the ability to expand each part of its body to take on a snake-like shape. Large scary eyes to intimidate its enemies.
To increase the fear, this worm also has the ability to spit silk like a snake spits venom. This worm also simulates the threatening actions of poisonous snakes when its “snake head” tail is always in a raised position and wiggled as if ready to attack. This is enough to scare other animals and even humans to stay away. Of course, this worm does not possess the fangs or venom of snakes. It is actually very harmless and mainly eats forest leaves.
After developing, the caterpillar larvae turn into large moths.
The current population of the special caterpillar This has become very limited and difficult to find in the wild. They currently live mainly in dense forests in South America, Africa and Central America.
Video of the scary “snake head” of the caterpillar Hemeroplanes triptolemus:
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