Strawberries are “super cheap” in Hanoi

Strawberries are flooding the streets, prices are cheap”

Walking along Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Ms. Ngoc Tuyen (35 years old, Hoan Kiem district) saw many street vendors. offers to buy cheap strawberries. Strawberries are packaged in plastic boxes weighing 0 5kg – 1kg covered with impact-resistant foam film and moisture-proof package priced at 50,000 – 65,000 VND.

Even on the product packaging The product has no origin label. Mrs. H. (owner of a street vendor) confidently introduced “strawberries imported from Son La”. When some customers were skeptical about the price, the woman quickly explained, “Damn During the harvest season, strawberries have the ‘softest’ price ever.”

Seeing cheap prices and widespread sales, Tuyen hesitated and finally decided not to buy because the quality of the source was unknown. original.

“At the beginning of the strawberry season, I bought 400,000 VND/kg and have never seen the price drop as sharply as the seller said. Because I have young children at home, I accept high prices at reputable stores to ensure safety,” she said.

Mai Ngoc (21 years old) buys a box of strawberries The western fruit is labeled “Fresh, delicious and clean Moc Chau – Son La” at a local market in Hai Ba Trung district with a preferential price of 39,000 VND.

“The red berries are fragrant and the price is cheap. “It’s suitable for students, so I bought it to try,” Ngoc said.

Mrs. S., the owner of the fruit stall, enthusiastically introduced strawberries, which were in harvest season, so the ripe red fruit was sweet and fragrant. The price dropped sharply compared to February, ranging from 39,000 VND – 50,000 VND/box depending on size and weight.

“Our house only sells Son La strawberries” the woman affirmed. She said the strawberries arrive regularly in large numbers every day. Many small traders in the market also caught up with the trend of importing strawberries to sell widely, thereby increasing competition.

Not only local markets, fruit shops and Street vendors at the strawberry market on social networks are equally vibrant. Type in the keyword “cheap strawberries” on social networking platforms and dozens of groups selling enthusiastically at attractive prices will appear.

Here strawberries are widely advertised for sale in many sizes. different and the price is “as cheap as it is”. In addition to selling strawberries in boxes, many establishments also sell them in foam trays… Some traders even called for “rescuing” strawberries, sparking a wave of fierce controversy.

“Please do not use The word ‘rescue’ for delicious Moc Chau strawberries. No one needs to rescue a good quality product. Using the word ‘rescue’ to dump strawberries is lowering the quality of strawberries,” said a frustrated trader language.

< strong>Need to be alert Chinese strawberries labeled Son La

According to Son La strawberry traders, they are mainly grown in Mai Son and Moc Chau. The strawberry crop is planted around September-October for harvest from December of the previous year to mid-April of the following year. From January to March is the time when the tree produces the best and highest quality fruit.

This is the 8th year family Ms. Pham Linh Trang grows strawberries in Moc Chau retail sales in Hanoi market. During this time, her facility sells an average of 150 – 200kg of strawberries/day.

She publicizes the selling price ranging from 160,000 – 270,000 VND/kg of all sizes such as large and super VIP.

In early February, some customers complained that this price was much higher than… Facebook posts of other stores, but Ms. Trang confirmed determined “you get what you pay for, quality assurance” and can rest assured because there is a familiar customer base.

The woman explained that this year, Moc Chau has seen more strawberry growers, but because there are no market, so they lower prices to compete.

“Supply is more than demand, leading to a decrease in prices, but not to the point of only tens of thousands” she said.

Another small trader said that many traders took advantage of the time when Chinese strawberries were cheap and branded the Moc Chau Son La strawberry brand on Chinese strawberries to sell for profit. Because many people are reluctant to buy Chinese goods, some traders do not dare to publicly disclose the origin.

Mr. Ha Nhu Hue, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Son La province, said the unit had received information that Chinese strawberries labeled Son La were being sold at super cheap prices in many places.

According to Mr. Hue, Son La is in full bloom but does not have cheap prices like in the Hanoi market. Currently, the selling price of strawberries in this province is at 100,000 – 300,000 VND/kg (depending on size).

“We require cooperatives to trace the origin of products with trademark protection stamps. When selling strawberries, they are packaged and labeled in accordance with regulations,” Mr. Hue said.

Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Son La province said that in the area, it is also There are a number of families growing and growing business Small retail strawberries sell at low prices and float to the market.

“We propagate to raise people’s awareness of the production process. As for consumers, they need to Reputable gardeners or business addresses buy quality products with proper packaging and brand labels,” Mr. Hue recommended.