String the fish, basket or fishing rod

But thousands of billions of VND in investment are focused mainly on fish strings or baskets, while fishing rods have investment, but lack instructions on how to fish.

Look The economic infrastructure in mountainous areas such as: electricity, roads, schools, stations, markets… which we often call “baskets” is clearly better than rural areas in the delta, certainly much better than many places. But all Even the invested “baskets” are left empty or used very wastefully?

Electricity is only used for lighting, drinking, playing music, listening to the radio, and dancing; There are few because there are no goods and it is almost “free range”; many markets are abandoned after being built. Schools do not have enough students. As soon as they are handed over, there is a request for funding for repairs….

Lack of a vision strategy, when the population growth rate is decreasing, many schools have to be abandoned! The state is very big.

While I was writing these lines, my friend who had just returned from the facility looked tired and frustrated and exclaimed: “The idea of ​​such dependence is the end.” ” When I asked him, I found out that he was assigned to direct a commune in a remote area to spray pesticides to kill rice pests. Both district officials and plant protection station staff carried pesticide bottles and waited in the fields until noon, but no one came out to guide them. and organize spraying. Returning to the commune to ask, he received the answer: “If the district loves you, then please forgive me and help us spray…”.

The country is increasingly integrating deeply into the regional and world economy. The playing field is wide and the law is wide. Playing strictly and harshly requires public transparency. The new way of playing requires us to change, we cannot and must not invest forever in fishing lines and baskets, but we must equip them with knowledge, technical training, and vocational training for them. Give them fishing rods to teach them how to fish so they know how to fish and catch fish!

Around the question of fishing baskets or fishing rods, the question is that we need to have a look. To be comprehensive in investing in mountainous areas and ethnic minorities, only by answering these questions can we hope that mountainous areas and ethnic minorities can escape poverty sustainably. Investing in a fishing basket and rod and then not having it work effectively is like throwing salt into the sea?!

Phung Van Mui