Successful treatment of pitted scars at Doctor Scar dermatology clinic

The strength of pharmacies meeting GPP standards

Coming to Doctor Scar Clinic for control What impresses every customer is the GPP standard pharmacy located right next to the waiting lobby. This is a pharmacy registered with the Department of Health to help customers feel secure when buying medicine at the listed price.

With a modern design, appropriate blue light arrangement, sterile environment and arrangement of medicine shelves on separate floors to help the medicine room become neat, eye-catching and clean. will.

However, what makes the pharmacy special That’s because all the cosmetics at Doctor Scar are genuine products from reputable brands and recommended by Dermatologists around the world.

The strength of the team of doctors and nurses at the clinic

Doctor Scar owns a team of more than 10 doctors Dermatologists graduated from famous Universities of Medicine and Pharmacy with good expertise and high skills. They are Masters of Dermatology, University of Medicine Lecturers, Dermatology residents… That’s why all the doctors have many years working in the field of pitted scar treatment and have extensive knowledge about skin and scars.

When coming for examination and treatment, customers will be directly examined and advised by Dermatologists about the scar condition, thereby ensuring safety. throughout the treatment process.

In addition to encouraging the team of doctors to regularly participate in courses to improve their professional knowledge, Doctor Dermatology Clinic Scar also organizes internal training sessions for Nurses, Sales Customer Care staff and Pharmacists to help you supplement your knowledge in a timely manner.

Strength in pitted scar treatment methods

In recent times, Doctor Scar has been known for its exclusive 4IN1 method (including including: TCA Laser Fractional CO2 spot scar removal and GEN 2.0 technology Serum) help bring high efficiency and safety. This is a way to integrate the treatment of pitted scars with many different methods in one treatment, so the scar removal effect is very good. This helps the scar to fill up permanently and never recede again.

It can be said that the 4IN1 treatment regimen at Doctor Scar Dermatology Clinic is considered the most effective way to treat pitted scars thanks to optimal use of strengths and complementary compensation. cover the limitations of each treatment.

To own this exclusive treatment method, Doctor Scar Dermatologists have put a lot of effort into devoted to research and discovery. Therefore, Doctor Scar is a safe place for all customers who want to treat pitted scars, even the most complicated scars.

So Strong in treatment process

With standard medical treatment process, Doctor Scar always limits the risks that may occur in cases Treatment of pitted scars.

First, the customer will have a general skin examination to see if they are eligible for scar treatment or not if they are suffering from skin diseases. no… Doctors will refuse to treat patients whose health is not fully met to ensure safety and avoid future “lost money”.

Before treatment, there will be blood pressure testing and before-and-after photos. During the treatment process, everything is absolutely sterile according to minor surgery room standards. This helps reduce factors that increase the risk of infection after treatment.

Strength of commitment policy</p >

Among the countless places to treat pitted scars today, Doctor Scar is one of the rare facilities with a policy of committing to take 100% responsibility for the results of scars such as: doctor’s advice.

Committed to taking 100% responsibility for scarred results

Before entering treatment, customers will receive clear advice from the doctor about a specialized treatment course suitable for each skin condition. At the same time, the doctor will also make a commitment to the maximum level of improvement after treatment for the customer when following the advised treatment regimen.

With the desire to bring understanding and sharing conveniently, the clinic has built an online consultation system on issues related to pitted scars, free of charge for customers via online chat or leaving a phone number for specialists. A consultant called to assist.

As ​​a specialized medical facility, Doctor Scar has become a trusted address chosen by many customers for many years. . With professional medical ethics, the doctors at the clinic always thoughtfully explain to customers and fully understand the treatment process as well as give good recommendations and instructions during the skin care process; Along with that is the dedicated advice and thoughtful care of the staff. Those are the factors that make Doctor Scar famous, helping Doctor Scar become the most prestigious address specializing in treating pitted scars in Ho Chi Minh City.


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