Surprisingly, the most expensive corn in the world: black mold and a strange shape

It is known that this type of mold called “Huitlacoche” (meaning corn anthrax) often grows on corn stalks. Specifically, this is a harmful plant disease originating from the fungus Ustilago maydis and is common in corn growing areas around the world

Rainy weather is the time when this fungus proliferates, creating white, black, gray-pink lumps. mixed with diverse shapes.

When we look at moldy corn kernels like that, we often tend to throw them away, but for Mexican people, this is an important ingredient for their dishes. After being prepared by separating each piece of huitlacoche from the corn, they will be processed into traditional dishes rich in flavor such as appetizers quesadillas. corn tamales soup or tacos. 

To create delicious dishes from huitlacoche, chefs often add garlic and chili to reduce the odor and enhance the unique flavor. for food. Not only that, this is also an “easy-going” food that can be combined with many different ingredients.

And perhaps the important thing What makes huitlacoche so often present in Mexican meals is that it has high nutritional value and is even considered better than corn. Therefore, it is not difficult to speculate that this ugly-looking corn mushroom is sold at a higher price than regular corn. 

Visitors to Mexico can easily find this type of moldy corn in markets or supermarkets in fresh or frozen canned form. Currently, huitlacoche dishes are being widely sold not only in this North American country but also in many parts of the world under the name “Mexican truffles”.

                                                                                   Minh Nhat