Terrified of the abusive husband’s revenge against his ex-wife

The hellish marriage

The incident happened nearly half a year ago but still haunts Ms. Tam (47 years old, from Do Luong district, Nghe An) every day. when reminded.

Early in the morning of March 17, Ms. Tam left the house for work without knowing that her ex-husband was silently following her. Suddenly, the motorbike engine roared, approaching the car. Ms. Tam felt a sharp pain in her butt. Trying not to fall off the bike, she looked back and panicked, recognizing her ex-husband Nguyen Van Binh even though he had disguised himself quite carefully. In his hand is a cylinder…

During a 20-year marriage, Ms. Tam cannot remember how many times her husband beat and threatened to kill her… (Illustration: Hoang Lam).

Haunted by the threats from before, Tam suppressed the pain and sped away. Coming to a crowded area, she pulled over to call for help and then fainted.

The wound from the needle stick was not too serious, but the panic left her mentally traumatized and unconscious for more than a day and night. just woke up.

Ms. Dung – the victim’s sister-in-law said: “The wound pointed to the soft tissue is not very worrying, but we are afraid that there is something in Binh’s needle. After asking a A close relative questioned us and we were shocked when we heard that the needle contained the blood of an HIV-infected person.”

Immediately, Ms. Tam was transferred to a central hospital to receive antiretroviral drugs. exposure. The 3 months of waiting for the results were also 3 months of her living in anxiety and confusion. The hellish marriage she just tried to escape from is now like a ghost haunting this woman every night.

Growing up together in the same neighborhood, they have experienced the first vibrations of life and time. Find out that Ms. Tam and Mr. Binh decided to go home together. After getting married, the couple decided to go to the South to start a business. The marriage born from that love was not happy for long as the husband gradually revealed his abusive nature, especially when married forever, Tam did not get pregnant and gave birth.

The couple left. The cause was determined by Mr. Binh. Perhaps because of his guilt and helplessness, he became more irritable and easily lost his temper with his wife.

“There were times when Binh beat his wife and had to be hospitalized. Tam was so scared that he went out and rented a room. Binh’s life looked everywhere and threatened to force him to return many times family advised them to break up, but for some reason, Tam kept using it,” the sister-in-law said.

Two years ago, unable to bear the physical and mental torment of her husband, Ms. Tam returned to her hometown to live at her brother’s house. Some time later, Binh also went to his brother-in-law’s house to cause trouble and force his wife to return. But this time, Ms. Tam decided to end this hellish marriage.

Ms. Tam’s divorce petition was accepted by the court even though the husband did not agree. Many times, Binh went to his brother-in-law’s house, cursing, threatening, and begging his wife to mend things, but failed.

Deep revenge

Wanting to “connect” “back to the old love” with his wife but he couldn’t hear the news that Ms. Tam had a new boyfriend. Binh was bitter and had the intention of revenge. He thinks of a way to inject the HIV virus into his ex-wife so that life is worse than death…

Binh went to meet an acquaintance who was being treated for HIV and “revealed” that he knew someone in Ho Chi Minh City who could cure this disease. However, a blood test must be performed to know specifically the possibility of complete cure as well as the duration of treatment. Because they knew each other, Binh would help the other man to receive the patient’s blood instead of going there and having to pay for expensive travel and accommodation costs. Binh also made an appointment for this person early in the morning of March 17 to have his blood drawn so that he could send it in on time. I thought this person was grateful and promised to take the blood early tomorrow and bring it to Binh.

The next morning, when he had the vial containing HIV-infected blood in his hand, Binh pumped it into the cylinder, changed his shirt, put on his mask, and took off his license plate mirror. car for action. He thought that if he disguised himself so carefully, “it’s not a ghost or a ghost.” However, the obsession with violence for 20 years made Ms. Tam only need to look at her ex-husband’s eyes to recognize her ex-husband.

The The husband’s cruel revenge was rewarded with a 38-month prison sentence (Photo: Truong Duyen).

After driving too close, he stabbed a cylinder in the buttocks Binh’s ex-wife chased after her, intending to pump all the HIV-infected blood into her, but Ms. Tam ran away, saying she was afraid of being exposed, so he turned around and escaped. However, it was not too difficult for the investigation agency to determine this man’s criminal behavior.

Even though the assessment of the disability rate caused by Ms. Tam’s wound was only 8 % health but behavior Binh’s crime is enough to constitute the crime of “Intentionally transmitting HIV to others”.

Before the trial, Ms. Tam filed a petition to reduce Binh’s sentence. Although she almost had to suffer the disease of the century from her husband’s cruel revenge, after all, he was once her husband, even though he had lost all love, he still had love… In the recent trial, Binh was convicted by the Do District People’s Court. Luong sentenced him to 38 months in prison and was forced to compensate the victim 13 million VND.

(The character’s name in the article has been changed)