That’s the end of the confusion

The danger is that 40% of these people work in the education sector. Those who use fake degrees admit to buying them for between three million and tens of millions of dong per degree.

Previously, in Long An, there was only one review of documents Officials planning to join the grassroots Party Congress committee discovered 90 cases of using fake degrees. Ca Mau province also discovered many teachers, court officials, and procurators using fake degrees. If we straighten it out, there will still be many localities with officials using fake degrees like Soc Trang, Long An; Most buy a supplementary high school diploma. From this fake degree, I went to university and even went to graduate school.   

It’s terrible that you can’t even study for a remedial degree and have to buy it, but later you become a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. Learning is so confusing.

Scholars use fraud to get promoted and occupy positions in official positions. Officials who do not study well and have a deceitful mind cannot do public work with quality and integrity. Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, responsible people make decisions that have consequences for society. In fact, there is no shortage of cases proving that socio-economic losses are caused by decisions born from cognitive limitations – an inevitable consequence of fake degrees.

It is too dangerous for court and prosecutor’s office officers to buy fake degrees without studying. The lives and property of citizens and businesses placed in the hands of people who do not have the knowledge and power to make judgments will be incalculably disastrous. Each case always has complex details, and officers of the prosecution agencies must have a high level of education, legal expertise, investigative skills, and criminological knowledge in order to prove objective truths and return justice.

If there is no knowledge, the mind is empty. straightforwardly, wrongs and injustices pile up. People who work in the education industry or teachers who directly teach are the ones who have to buy fake degrees, so who else is teaching? Civil servants in the government apparatus must handle public affairs every day. If their qualifications are limited, their work will stagnate, affecting the quality of government and hindering local development.

Soc Trang Province strongly clarifies cases of illegal use of diplomas. If localities throughout the country seriously check and handle officials who use fake degrees, weak people will be eliminated and replaced by people with capacity and moral qualities. Administrative reform cannot be effective when there are still civil servants in the administrative apparatus who do not study well and advance their careers with fake degrees.  

According to Le Thanh Phong