The baby in the arms of the mother who “carried the world” passed away, how is the mother now?

Woman holding her child and carrying the world”

14 years ago at Nanchang station (China) the moment a young mother carried a large amount of luggage The giant giant, taller than a human, was carrying a backpack in one hand and holding a sleeping baby in the other hand, accidentally falling into the lens of reporter Chu Khoa of Xinhua News Agency.

The photo soon became a phenomenon. causing a stir in this country’s public opinion, receiving the gold prize in the photography contest. Many people were moved and wondered what the fate of the mother and baby would be now?

For many years, reporter Chu Khoa continuously searched for the mother to find out the fate of the mother and daughter, but the results were hopeless. It was not until 2021 that he found out where the girl was living.

The woman’s identity was also confirmed. The girl’s name is Ba Moc Ngoc Bo Moc. She is of the Di ethnic group living in Viet Tay district, Sichuan province.

The photo was taken when the 21-year-old mother finished her last working day of the year in Nanchang and took the train back to her hometown.

At that time, the daughter in her mother’s arms was only a few months old. The mother and daughter stayed one night in Chengdu and then took the 14-hour train back to their hometown. The journey to their hometown lasted 3 days and 2 nights. To prepare all the baby’s supplies, Ba Moc brought everything from diapers milk to instant noodles.

Moc’s father never went to school. She was illiterate and lived only around mowing grass and raising cattle. At the age of 18, she got married and had children. The Di ethnic girl did not know that she became famous on the internet thanks to just one photo.

When asked about baby Ba Moc, she couldn’t hide her tears. She said that when she was 21 years old, she gave birth to 2 children. After that, the couple left their hometown and went to the city to work as a porter in a brick factory.

Without money to send children, Ba Moc often carried the baby on his back to work. When her child fell ill because she didn’t have money to take her to the hospital and didn’t know Mandarin, she discussed with her husband to take her child home.

The time reporter Chu Khoa took the photo was when Ba Moc took his second daughter. 2 go home. Due to the illness and not receiving treatment, the baby passed away.

The death of her child caused her to fall into a state of depression that always tormented herself. After having the 3rd baby family also cannot keep the child. After witnessing her two children die one after another, she locked herself in her room and wanted to free herself. But thinking about his eldest daughter, Ba Moc tried to get up.

Life turned upside down

Because he didn’t want his life to be forever dark, Ba Moc discussed it with her husband. I left my hometown and went to the city to get a job like before. But at this time, Viet Tay district has a program to support people with jobs to alleviate hunger and reduce poverty from fruit trees and medicinal plants.

The first year the couple earned money received 5,000 yuan (18 million VND). For Ba Moc, this was a big number because her family was in trouble all year round. After that, she gave birth to 3 more children, including a boy and 2 girls.

In 2018. Thanks to the support from the commune government and additional savings, the two built a new, more spacious house and no longer had to eat every meal like before.

In the following years, the area planted with trees tripled the total revenue. Annual income reaches 100,000 yuan (350 million VND). The whole family’s life is good and the children are not illiterate like their parents.

Before the Lunar New Year in 2024, reporter Chu Khoa once again visited Ba Moc’s family. The mother of four children said that the couple had previously worked as assembly workers for an electronics factory, but this time they decided to return home to start a business.

“We will expand the tree planting area. Besides saving hours, I just hope my children’s lives will change and not be as dark as their parents’ lives,” the mother confided.