The cave where 8 volunteers died and the miraculous coincidences about the number 8

Fire coordinates” on road 20 – Quyet Thang

Historic site Tam Co Cave, also known as cave of 8 young volunteers (TNXP), at km 16, road 20 – Quyet Thang belongs to Tan Trach commune, Bo Trach district (Quang Binh). This is one of the “fire coordinates” in the years 1971-1972.

Talking about Tam Co Cave as well as Street 20 – Quyet Thang Ho An Phong – Vice Chairman of Quang Binh Provincial People’s Committee emphasized This is the path of Vietnamese youth, where tens of thousands of volunteers “cut across Truong Son” to save the country.

Mr. Phong explained that cutting across Truong Son to save the country was because it was on the way to support the country. In the southern battlefield, when arriving in Quang Binh, our army and people opened a road across Laos connecting East Truong Son with West Truong Son partly to avoid the American McNamara electronic fence in Quang Tri. That’s why Road 20 – Quyet Thang became the place of fierce attacks by the US Air Force.

Tam Co Cave is 20m deep and 10m wide, convenient for soldiers and volunteers to take shelter during the war. Records show that next to this cave there is a communication station, each takeover has 8 people taking turns. The arrival of eight young girls brought a new atmosphere to the battle zone. 8 girls with gentle and cheerful personalities, loved by the people, named this cave Tam Co Cave.

50 years ago on November 14, 1972 while the forces were doing the task of leveling bomb crater, American planes came to attack. 8 TNXP consisting of 4 men and 4 women ran into the cave to avoid the bomb. Unfortunately, a giant block of rock rolled down and sealed the cave entrance.

The teammates tried every way to provide necessities, taking a pipe and threading it through the gap. open to bring drinking water and dry food to those trapped in the cave.

Outside forces have tried many options, including Using mines to destroy the rock to cover the cave entrance was also considered but was not approved for fear that the people in the cave could not withstand the pressure. The mechanical force also dispatched two chain trucks to pull the rock, but after several attempts, the iron chain broke.

As time passed, rescue efforts were fruitless. Inside the cave, cries were heard. gradually weaken. 8 Volunteers heroically sacrificed their lives.

The numbers 8 coincide

The Tam Co Cave relic today has been restored by the local government . Next to the restored stone cave entrance is the Memorial Temple for the heroic martyrs of Street 20 – Quyet Thang.

Tam Co Cave is not only a symbol of the heroic sacrifice and steadfast fighting of generations. TNXP has become a spiritual place associated with many legends.

Many years of working here, Mr. Nguyen Tu Vy, Head of the Management Board of the Memorial Temple for Martyrs on Street 20 – Quyet Thang, has witnessed stories Magic. At this “red address” there are always stories related to the number 8.

According to Mr. Vy, the first is the story of the wild banana tree in front of Tam Co Cave, which blossomed into exactly 8 bunches. The story of the 8 bunches of wild bananas blooming not just once but over and over again, especially on the occasion of the last week of the sunday (death anniversary) of the 8 martyrs who sacrificed their lives in Tam Co Cave.

And then the story Gecko lays 8 eggs. At the temple, there was a pair of geckos who took refuge and people called them the Truong Son gecko pair. They have been friends with the temple administrators for nearly 10 years now.

One fine day, that pair of geckos laid eggs right in the cave. Strangely enough, female geckos lay exactly 8 eggs. Later, from those 8 eggs, 8 baby geckos hatched, not one of which was damaged. People who visited the temple at that time were constantly chatting and trying to take pictures to commemorate that strange coincidence.

In addition, on the night of the 50th anniversary celebration Five days of opening the legendary Truong Son road, while thousands of visitors from all over were silently commemorating the heroic martyrs, suddenly from inside Tam Co Cave, the clear sounds of “gecko” rang out. The unbelievable thing is that those clear, decisive sounds came out exactly 8 times and then fell silent.

Where death turns into immortality

Regarding the 8 martyrs who sacrificed their lives in Tam Co Cave in September 1995, at the typical Youth Volunteers Conference of Quang Binh province, the issue of finding the remains of the 8 martyrs who died was raised for the first time. After the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs agrees, the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Quang Binh province coordinates with the Military Command of this province to carry out the implementation.

On March 22, 1996, search forces used mines to Break the rock blocking the cave entrance. After a period of intensive work, the search force has collected all the remains of 8 martyrs of the National Liberation Army, all of whom were from Hoang Hoa district (Thanh Hoa). On June 4, 1996, Quang Binh province held a handover ceremony to see off 8 martyrs for burial in their hometown.

Road 20 – Quyet Thang relic belongs to the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail relic system, also was ranked a National Historical Monument by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 1986.

According to Phong Nha – Ke Bang Tourism Center Tam Co Cave and the Martyrs’ Memorial Temple on Street 20 – Quyet Thang is an address visited by a large number of tourists and people. In the first 10 months of 2022, this place has welcomed more than 23,000 people.

During each holiday, a long line of people slowly waits for their turn to light a stick of incense, spend minutes of silence and contemplation in a sacred space to pay their respects. paying tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for national independence.

On November 14 this year, Quang Binh province held a ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the sacrifice of heroic martyrs at the Cave Tam Co (November 14, 1972 – November 14, 2022) and Street 20 – Quyet Thang.

The martyrs of the People’s Liberation Army who sacrificed their lives at Tam Co Cave including: Nguyen Van Hue (born 1952, Hoang Truong commune)Nguyen Van Phuong (born 1954, Hoang Truong commune)Hoang Van Vu (born 1953, Hoang Ha commune)Nguyen Mau Ky (born 1947, Hoang Dat commune)Tran Thi To (born 1954, Hoang Truong commune)Le Thi Luong (born 1953, Hoang Thinh commune) Do Thi Loan (born 1952, Hoang Ngoc commune) and Le Thi Mai (born 1952, Hoang Thinh commune).