The chair and “sitting culture”

Humans are born only knowing how to lie down and not sit up. Grow up a little and start First learn to roll, learn to crawl, then learn to sit. Sitting firmly, then learning to stand, learning to walk. Standing steadily, then people return to getting used to… sitting: sitting, eating, studying, sitting, playing, sitting, working, sitting, leading, sitting, commanding people… Almost there. Up to half of the time in our lives is spent… sitting! 0″

Since ancient times, eating has often been closely associated with sitting: “eating looking at the pot, sitting looking at the direction” eating on the top, sitting up, perhaps because of the place of sitting Many times it is the premise, the condition, the environment… for the… eating!

But the one most closely associated with “sitting” is definitely… the chair! Without chairs, people can only sit… on the ground!

The chair also has a class of chairs: Simple, simple, affordable is a “stool”. This type of chair is most commonly found in the homes of poor people. Rich people use “saloon”. This type of chair not only has a soft seat but also has a solid backrest. Luxurious and “fashionable” is the Chinese “stool” set made of all kinds of precious wood inlaid with mother-of-pearl, with splayed armrests like the thrones of ancient kings and created by expert craftsmen. Oh! How comfortable it is to sit on sofas like that!

Usually, if you want to have a chair in your house, you have to buy it out of your own pocket or put in effort to build it. It’s also very common for people with positions and titles to find them without needing to buy or build them. They just come and even compete to find them!

But there are chairs that must be promoted or promoted to sit there. is the “boss” chair – a form of “national public property”! This type of chair is nominally free to buy, but sometimes has to be “purchased” for a lot of money in many different ways.

There is a fairly common practice surrounding public office : When news is just around the corner that someone is preparing to leave his chair to retire, that chair is no longer completely his! Not only his successor thinks so, but many people inside and outside the agency think so! What a sad reality about the “state of affairs” in this era of market economy full of competition and temptation! The moral “when eating fruit, remember the person who planted the tree” seems to be outdated! That’s not to mention the stories that happen behind… the shadow of the seats of power. There are sometimes filled with the smell of makeup and many other disgusting smells: flattery, insults, deception, treachery…

There is the opposite story: there are chairs that should no longer be sat in, or even are not allowed to sit in, but there are still people who still intentionally… sit in many ways, from age reduction treatment to running around here and there to get a seat even if it’s just for a few months! Not only does he sit still, he is also willing to brazenly give out “golden words of wisdom” despite the cold indifference of the audience!

There is another type of person who has actually left his chair and is like someone who is “sleepwalking” : still trying to find a way to sit in the chair he was in office! They really forgot that they were originally “civilians” and have returned to being “civilians”!

Sit in the right place! In the past, there was a saying: “clothes are worthy of great virtue” and now we should also add: “chairs are worthy of great talent”!

It is true that when it comes to office chairs, they are also “public property.” country” seems “too accepting”. That’s why recently people only talk a lot about “public villas” and public cars… But let me tell you that a chair is a small thing that is greedy and difficult to part with, so what’s the point of talking about the big one?!

If your baby wants to sit well, he or she must practice sitting. What about adults? For a long time, we often talk about the word “public servant” and cadres are “public servants of the people”. But as soon as you sit on the “public servant’s chair” many people immediately forget!

Eating a commoner’s salary every day, living in a commoner’s house, driving a commoner’s car… I thought I was above the people, I thought I belonged to another class, and was given the right by “God” to… bestow favors on the people! So not only do babies have to learn to sit, but adults who want to truly be servants of the people must also learn… to sit! The state needs to quickly organize such classes!

The second reason why adults must also learn to sit is ” “Eat, watch the pot, sit, watch the direction” – that’s what our ancestors taught us. “Sitting sloppily on the top chair” (The Tale of Kieu – Nguyen Du) is not the way an educated person sits!

But now very few people want to learn to sit! I don’t want to because under the “profit perspective”, “eating” and sitting fall into the category of… “opportunity”. If you keep wandering around “looking after the pot” and “looking towards the direction”, where is the opportunity left?! “Being on top” is really what opportunists need to strive for!

LTS Dan Tri – If you think calmly, the problem that the author of the article above reflects part of the truth in today’s life is the negative side of unhealthy competition. strong in the market mechanism to gain and try to keep leadership positions at this level and that level for personal gain.