The controversial social housing project in Hanoi “broke” its commitment to hand over apartments

People face difficulties because the investor flipped the deal”

Recently, Dan Tri received feedback from many customers who bought apartments. apartment at building A3 – part of the Complex project social housing and AZ Thang Long commercial services (previously the trade name was Bright City, which has now been changed to THT New City) on the fact that the investor, Thang Long Confectionery Company Limited, did not comply with the commitment on the apartment handover time.

Notably, according to feedback, the investor also arbitrarily gave the information. postponed the apartment handover date to the third quarter of 2023 (1 year later than committed) even though there was no agreement with the customer.

Representing customers buying apartments at building A3 project shows that the THT New City social housing project is being implemented behind schedule. Up to now, the investor has not fulfilled the commitment time to hand over the apartment according to the notices and signed contracts, which is the end of the third quarter of this year.

“The customer has fulfilled its obligations finance in accordance with the sales contract signed with the investor. The fact that the investor did not hand over the apartment as committed has put more pressure on our customers buying A3 building to bear all kinds of costs from bank loan interest. renting a house and other additional living expenses” the resident representative was upset.

Mr. N.Q.C – a customer who bought an apartment in block A3 of this project – said he signed an apartment purchase and sale contract with the owner. Investing from January 2021, the time the investor commits to handing over the house is the third quarter of this year, which means the end of this October at the latest. However, at the end of November, the A3 building is still unfinished and cannot hand over the apartment.

“The apartment I bought has an area of ​​56m2 and the price to pay is more than 800 million VND. I have to borrow up to 400 million VND from the bank. VND with a 15-year loan package,” Mr. C. said.

According to Mr. C, although the investor is behind on the apartment handover schedule, his monthly bank loan interest rate has increased for the past 2 months from 76% to 96%. Therefore, the pressure to repay the bank loan is increasing, but his apartment has not yet been received.

Not only Mr. C. Many customers who bought apartments in building A3 are also facing many difficulties when the investor does not hand over the apartment. In addition to the pressure of repaying bank debt, a series of plans related to their settlement were disrupted, due to lack of accommodation and not being able to take initiative in their children’s education…

Related to the delay in handing over the apartment At court A3, the customer submitted a collective application to the People’s Committee of relevant authorities and the People’s Committee of Hoai Duc district. After receiving petition 45606, the leaders of the People’s Committee of Hoai Duc district directed the petition to be transferred to Thang Long Confectionery Co., Ltd. for consideration and settlement according to regulations.

The investor continuously changed change the apartment handover time

After failing to fulfill the commitment to hand over building A3 in the third quarter on November 10, Thang Long Confectionery Co., Ltd. announced the progress. Apartment handover to customers who buy apartments at building A3, TTHT New City project. Accordingly, the progress of Building A3 announced by the investor is expected that in the second quarter of 2023, the apartment will be handed over to customers for repair, and in the third quarter of 2023, the fire prevention and fighting test will be completed.

Explanation of the Delaying the apartment handover time compared to the investor’s stated commitment due to being greatly affected by fluctuations in the price of high-rise construction materials and labor and experiencing 2 years of the Covid-19 epidemic along with the tightening of real estate credit. Real estate in recent times has caused the implementation of the A3 building to encounter many unforeseen difficulties. The company is still trying to arrange capital to complete the A3 building.

Progress of handover The delivery of apartments in building A3 continued to be mentioned in a recent working session (November 25) between the investor and the customer. The representative of the investor is Mr. Vu Ngoc Vinh – In charge of sales department of Thang Long Confectionery Co., Ltd., said that the investor is trying all resources to speed up the progress to ensure the handover schedule stated in the owner’s notice. previous investment. The investor commits to hand over the apartment to the customer by September 30, 2023 at the latest.

Previously, 44503 the investor also announced the deadline for handing over the apartment at building A2A3. In which, the investor gave the reason for delaying the handover to customers buying apartments in building A2 of the project from the second quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of this year and committed to handing over apartments to customers buying apartments in building A3. until the end of the third quarter of this year.

According to the representative of the customer who bought the A3 apartment, the customer is asking the investor to organize a dialogue with the customer and clarify the progress of the project. In which, the investor needs to provide a clearer explanation and specific plan on the implementation and completion of the A3 building.

“We require the investor to properly carry out his responsibilities to discuss The delay in handing over the apartment needs to be further clarified regarding the investor’s responsibility if it continues to break the commitment and the customer’s rights need to be guaranteed while the handover has not been received. apartment” the resident representative emphasized.

The project has many rumors about its progress

The AZ Thang Long social housing and commercial services complex project has a scale of 4 35-storey buildings with about 1,500 apartments in Kim Chung commune, district Hoai Duc. In 2014, due to lack of capital, the investor asked to convert this project into a social housing project to enjoy incentives. During the construction process, the investor had to stop construction many times, so only 2 buildings A1.1 and A1.2 were basically completed. As a result, at the end of 2018, many customers came to the gate of the Hanoi Department of Construction and held up banners demanding their rights against the project’s slow progress. After that, the investor committed to the customer to hand over the house at the latest on June 30, 2019.

By November 2019, because the fire prevention and fighting had not been accepted according to regulations, the investor had people” came to live, so the investor was fined by the authorities for an administrative violation of 80 million VND.

Around mid-2020 on the market for the Social Housing and Service Complex project AZ Thang Long commercial center (trade name Bright City), which has been notorious for many years, suddenly advertises loudly with the new name THT New City. There have been doubts about whether the investor wants to erase traces of the scandalous old project name?

After renaming 2 buildings, A2A3 was focused on implementation. However, up to now, the investor has just handed over the apartments to customers who bought building A2, while building A3 (about 400 apartments) is still unclear on the “finishment” date as stated above.