The controversy persisted at building N01-T8 in the Diplomatic Corps area

As Dan Tri reported, recently residents of apartment building N01-T8 in the Diplomatic Corps urban area expressed frustration at a series of inadequacies occurring at this project. . Notably, according to residents, the investor still seems to ignore and delay cooperating to resolve the issue completely.

In order to clarify the issues reported by residents, the reporter Contacted the investor, Hanoi Construction Corporation (Hancorp). Accordingly, regarding the complaints related to inadequacies in the maintenance fund, community house, construction quality… the investor side all said that they have been handling them according to regulations.

Talking with Dan Tri, Mr. Truong Ngoc Que – Deputy Board of Management of apartment building N01T8 said that the response from the investor was not satisfactory. The most pressing problem of residents today is the problem of seepage cracks in the basement along with some damage to the quality of construction and equipment inside the apartment.

“The incident We discovered this last October. Then the investor asked workers to drill holes and glue to make temporary patches. At the end of May, water was flowing down the walkway, and the water was water from the swimming pool, and there was even information that it was water mixed with salt. After discovering the incident, the management board requested the investor to carry out the incident handling process to ensure the safety and quality of the project in accordance with the law, but the investor did not handle it satisfactorily. Temporarily drilling and patching without conducting a full survey to clearly determine the cause to have a thorough solution by specialized and capable units is why we do not agree. Request the investor to stop immediately,” Mr. Que said.

This person denied information that the management board did not cooperate in handling the matter. “If the handling is negligent, we will not agree because this incident is related to the safety of property and lives of thousands of residents living in N01-T8,” Mr. Que emphasized.

The second issue is causing frustration right now. Now, according to Mr. Que, the area of ​​the community house is too small. “If 264 apartments are arranged in one room of 67 square meters, it is too small. If 264 apartment owners hold a condominium conference, where will they sit? Knowing that after many transfers, Hancorp has only transferred the principal of the apartments that have been paid without transferring the interest and the maintenance fund that the investor must pay for their own private area (such as the entire commercial floor of 3 basements…) …

“The owner has not yet provided complete and detailed data on the maintenance fund of the entire N01-T8 project to have a basis for handover and settlement. This problem has persisted and caused frustration,” Mr. Que added.

At the meeting on July 8 between representatives of the People’s Committee of Xuan Tao ward and representatives of the Board of Management, the investor paid Comments on some recommendations of the Project Management Board.

In particular, regarding the quality of the project, according to the Management Board’s reflection, at basement B1B2B3, there are many locations of ceiling cracks and water leaks (about 30 locations). The Board of Directors has sent many documents to Hancorp requesting coordination in implementing a handling plan in accordance with current law.

About this incident at the meeting representing the investor’s side. said that this crack is due to the responsibility of the construction unit. The Corporation has asked the construction unit to coordinate with the Management Board to survey and resolve the problem. In addition, the Corporation has invited the state quality inspection department Construction works – The Ministry of Construction and the Institute of Construction Science and Technology conduct surveys, evaluate and find solutions according to regulations.

In response to the above information, the representative of the Management Board said that in reality until today On July 13, Hancorp only sent people to survey, measure and verify the cracks and were not capable units as stated in the information provided by the investor at the meeting on July 8. And as of July 16, there was still no official document from the investor providing the results of the survey and assessment as well as the proposed solution to thoroughly fix this problem.

Previously, the Ministry of Construction sent a document to Hancorp to implement legal regulations on management and use of apartment buildings. According to this document44146The Management Board of apartment building N01-T8 in the Diplomatic Corps area has sent a petition to the Ministry of Construction asking Hancorp to handle the problems regarding the area of ​​​​the community house at N01-T8.

In the petition, the Management Board reflects that the investor’s arrangement of 67 m2 living rooms for more than 260 apartments in the apartment building does not meet the living needs of residents. The Ministry of Construction has requested Hancorp to urgently review specific cases at the Diplomatic Corps project to compare them with the provisions of law to completely handle the proposed contents and report the results to the Ministry of Construction.