The doctor reveals the secret to effective skin care from Ona ​​Global cod collagen

“Supplementing collagen doesn’t mean your skin will be beautiful”

Many women often misunderstand that just supplementing collagen will give you beautiful skin. However, in reality, there are still many cases where people spend millions or even tens of millions to drink collagen but the results are still zero.

Sharing about this issue in the program “What Your Body Says” on VTV2, doctor Tran Thi Thanh Nho answered in detail as follows: The reason why taking collagen is not effective is that women I still don’t understand clearly what forms of collagen there are and which forms are needed by our bodies. Collagen has types 1, 2, 3, 4 and for the skin, the most needed type is collagen. In particular, collagen on the market today has many types from animals, plants, fish, chicken, beef… and is packaged in different forms. ”

Accordingly, choosing the right product for high efficiency is very important and is the deciding factor in the process of using collagen. effective or not. That’s why right in the program “What Your Body Says” doctor Tran Thi Thanh Nho did not hesitate to recommend that women should choose collagen peptides with a collagen structure that is compatible with Only the human body can create collagen precursors.

Doctor Tran Thi Thanh Nho shares effective skin care tips from Ona ​​Global cod collagen on VTV2

To help women find the best and most effective collagen for their skin at the program “What Your Body Says” on VTV2, doctor Tran Thi Thanh Nho advises ” collagen peptide is a high-quality collagen compatible with the human body up to 80%.

Doctor Nho pointed out that it is best to choose Norwegian deep-sea cod collagen because this is not only a type of collagen with a structure similar to the human body but is also hydrophilic. Feces create microscopic collagen molecules (fibers) that help them quickly absorb into the body. From there, it is possible to shorten the collagen metabolism process, bringing about 7 times higher effectiveness than regular collagen.

In particular, doctor Tran Thi Thanh Nho also gives women more suggestions about the type of collagen. Ona Global cod and detailed analysis of the outstanding advantages of this collagen line compared to regular collagen. Typically:

Ona Global cod collagen is made from 100% cod collagen imported from Norway.

This type of collagen is produced on an advanced production line that creates molecules Super small (hydrolyzed form) helps penetrate quickly into the human body and is many times more effective.

Ona Global cod collagen is type 1 (accounts for 80% in the skin) and has no fishy smell Does not cause heat and fat if used for a long time

In particular, this type of collagen has up to 22 types of amino acids to create a complete collagen molecular chain.

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