The emotional story after the wedding photo of the groom who is 7 years younger than the bride caused a fever in Da Nang

In recent days, a video has spread on social networks about a young man eating with a stranger, a girl on dialysis in Da Nang. The young man also fulfilled his dream of wearing her wedding dress once. The girl touched many people.

In the video is Nguyen Thi Ha (36 years old, residing in Quang Nam), the girl has kidney disease since childhood and the boy who fulfills the dream in the video is Mai Quang Khanh ( 29 years old, residing in Da Nang).

Nguyen Thi Ha and the guy who helps her realize her dream of taking wedding photos (Photo: Quang Khanh).

Khanh moved viewers when he “transformed” into the groom and took Ha to the wedding dress shop to fulfill his dream of “becoming a bride”. Ha’s happy smile is something that viewers cannot forget.

Sharing with reporter Dan Tri, Ms. Ha said that she had kidney disease since childhood. At the age of 20, she started dialysis at Da Nang Hospital.

“With this disease, I live like a mistletoe because I can’t work,” Ms. Ha said, adding that she lives in a neighborhood where she runs Kidney stays with mother. Every day, my mother helps wash dishes and sell noodles to save for living expenses.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha in the wedding dress she dreams of wearing once in her life (Photo: Quang Khanh).

Talking about her dream, Ms. Ha confided that when she saw her friends of the same age wearing gorgeous wedding dresses, they were also girls, so she wanted to be able to wear a wedding dress too, even just once. time. However, for Ms. Ha, the dream is to establish family is a distant thing because no one loves a girl who had to undergo dialysis since childhood. “Love costs money because I can’t help my husband with anything,” Ms. Ha confided.

Nearly 10 years ago, she and another girl who was also on dialysis talked about their dream of taking wedding photos. She didn’t need a groom, but at that time, she couldn’t afford to eat three meals, so she put her dream aside and forgot about it.

When Khanh took her in to do the bride’s makeup, Ha still didn’t think she would get it done. I realized my dream of “wearing a wedding dress” and I didn’t expect Khanh to “play the role” of the groom to take pictures.

“At that moment I felt like I was dreaming. I was actually very happy, it was a memorable moment.” “The most unforgettable memory in my life” Ms. Ha said with a smile.

Mr. Mai Quang Khanh (29 years old, residing in Da Nang) – the owner of the video – said that the idea of ​​making this video took him 1 month to come up with.

When she learned about Ms. Ha’s dream of wearing a wedding dress, Khanh hatched a plan to make it happen. He contacted a wedding dress shop to sponsor a free makeup dress for the bride. Khanh also decided to “transform” into the role of the groom to fulfill this “stranger’s” dream.

It took Ha more than an hour to do her makeup and the two had about 20 minutes to take photos. filming in groom and bride outfits. When it was done, Ms. Ha cried a lot because of happiness.

Khanh performed this series in 2022. Khanh herself was also afraid of being accused of taking advantage of other people’s circumstances to “polish her name”. “. However, he still decided to post this video with the desire to spread positive things in life.