The fierce response caused the resort voucher scammer to “turn off the power”

Authorities have issued many warnings, the media has reported on sophisticated, organized scams (by sending fraudulent messages, calls…), However, there are still thousands of people falling into the trap and in some cases losing billions of dong in their accounts.

Many people believe that people in rural areas lack information new news Being scammed. Reality shows that whether the countryside or the city is super scammed, there is still no difference in the amount of money .

In another development, thick tangerine peels still have sharp nails. Through the media’s warning messages from ministries, many people have become more alert and can identify the “smell” of fraud more clearly.

Super donkeys also have to “turn off the power”

Summer vacation Le Nam, a university student in Hanoi, did not return to his hometown but decided to stay in the capital to find work. Nam’s job search process caused the scammer… to lose money.

Nam recounted: “I sent a job application to a company with an address in Ha Dong. Then, a person named Linh claiming to be an employee of the company called to discuss and schedule an online interview on the Telegram application. Even though I found the interview format strange, I still followed it. The next morning, at exactly 8:30 a.m., I was able to join the group according to the link that Linh sent.”

Nam said there were no interviews, instead another employee guided the task of experiencing revenue running. with some of the company’s major partners. Specifically, Nam is sent links there to increase views.

After each task, the amount received gradually increases from 30 thousand VND to 150 thousand VND. At this point, another person sent a message asking for a bank account number for compensation and added that when completing all tasks at the end of the session, he would receive an additional reward of 400 thousand VND.

To carry out the next task According to Nam, he was asked to deposit 200,000 VND into that account. At this point, he started to feel “tickled” so he calmly thought about it. After that, Nam stopped participating in the company’s mission and did not deposit money and received the full amount 150,000 VND previously from this group when “luring” him to do the task

After the incident of selling his trust and getting 150,000 VND for nothing, Nam told a few friends and learned about the “interview” What the subjects did to Nam was a scam to label them as a job recruitment company.

“After knowing the truth, I felt happy and lucky because I was still alert and not being scammed but also “eating”. non” of 150 thousand VND scammers” Nam said.

A series of scams were “exposed” by users

Time Recently, a series of sophisticated scams are gradually being revealed by netizens to warn and deal with this type of crime. Instead of waiting for the authorities, many people “exposed” them at the scene, causing the scammers to disappear many times.

Many Dan Tri readers have shared interesting responses. when receiving calls offering gifts labeled as vacation gifts…

Reader Linh Nga said: “I was invited by an employee of a company named Holid… to come to the headquarters to give an instant Voucher. 6 million VND gift certificate, then they offered to buy a 20-year travel card for 500 million VND. I’ll say it again: if I have 500 million VND, I save it for 1 year and get an interest of at least 40 million VND, so I can travel comfortably without having to pay extra. After 20 years, 500 million VND was still in the savings book. Before I could finish analyzing it, I saw the phone on the other end turn off.”

“Sometimes I receive a call from a girl. claiming to be an employee of Vietnam Airlines (VNA), which has a tourism stimulus program to give you vacation vouchers with round-trip air tickets To put it bluntly, VNA does not call mobile numbers. I am a gold member of the company and have not seen this program on the app. After that, I have not received any more phone calls” shared by reader Hoai Thu.

The situation that reader Minh An encountered again quite humorous: “Recently, a person claiming to be the provincial police called and threatened for a while that he was involved in a fraud case. Let the scammer talk for a while and I asked him again what the name of the director of the provincial police was. He stammered and said a strange name, so I took it out without forgetting to threaten him with a fight.”

There are also many People “softly” said that I should bring this gift home to give to my parents or relatives, good things should be given to family members, making many fake sellers (those impersonating sales staff) speechless.

The form of fraud through social networks is mixed with subtleties. The constant change in disguise makes many people unable to keep up to date, such as fake fashion brands giving away free gifts, recruiting child models, giving away vacation tickets, recruiting employees of e-commerce platforms, impersonating organizations to intimidate and threaten… Most of the forms The above scams are all carried out directly or indirectly through popular apps such as ZaloTelegram.

These forms of fraud are all similar in their goal of “luring prey to transfer money”. Fraudsters seek to prey on the mentality of wanting cheap things, wanting free things, wanting high-paying light jobs… and most of all, preying on the ignorance of many people. Many people are careless and have fallen into the trap.