The girl in Dong Nai has strong muscles that make many people unable to take their eyes off her

Ignore the sarcasm

Appearing on social networking sites, the image of a girl wearing a black dress with a beautiful face and… strong muscles The scroll surprised netizens. Many people were surprised because the girl’s face did not match her body, and many people made rude comments.

Read each line of comments about Tran Thi Ny ( 24 years old living in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province) suddenly felt sad but soon regained her spirit.

“I’m used to it and people keep making teasing comments. Many times I feel sad when I read it, but sometimes someone still comes in to encourage and admire me, so I also feel comforted. Now I feel normal and don’t care too much” Ny said smiling.

Ny said that when she saw that photo she was competing at the Congress Sports nationwide 2022 in Hai Phong A stranger took a photo and posted it on social networks when she saw Ny’s photo, she was a bit surprised.

Tran Thi Ny has been a bodybuilder since 2018. Before that, she was a young woman weighing only 42kg who was often sick. So I signed up for bodybuilding training to improve my figure. I just wanted to stay healthy and avoid gaining muscle. I only practice exercises on my butt and waist.

After graduating from high school, Ny still doesn’t know what job she will do. One time, by chance, she was invited by a friend to watch a professional bodybuilding tournament, Ny began to “fall in love” with this subject and worked hard to pursue it.

“At first I only practiced to practice health But ever since I learned about bodybuilding and learned about it, I’ve become so… fascinated. To the point where I often forget to look at the clock when I practice,” Ny confided.

Tu petite girls, sometimes 9X girls reach a weight of 70kg with firm muscles. Seeing girls have strong interests family Ny strongly discouraged. Not only that, Ny received many rude and sarcastic comments that sometimes made her feel sad.

But with her strong personality, she ignored the judgments and focused on investing in her passion. more mine. According to the girl, only she can decide her future.

“Many people discriminate about why girls have such bodies. At that time, I didn’t care because I chose to do what I liked. Each person has their own life and a different perspective. We can’t give up what we like just because others don’t like it. If we make a mistake, we still won’t regret it,” the girl confided.

>From a girl in a small gym to a national athlete

The more passionate you are about what you like, the more opportunities you have to experience with Ny. Training in a small gym nearby The Ny family boldly registered to compete in small tournaments and quickly scored points in the eyes of fitness experts.

In early 2019, the girl was officially a professional bodybuilder. From the local national tournaments, Ny has conquered many international tournaments, including: Silver medal in the women’s weight category over 55kg in Dong Nai province; Bodybuilding champion of the 8th Dong Nai Provincial Sports Congress in 2018; silver and bronze medal in the 52kg weight category at the 2018 National Club Bodybuilding Championship; top 4 world championship in Thailand.. .

Not stopping there, Ny also became a freelance fitness trainer. Therefore, it can be said that this passion gives Ny a stable source of income.

Pursuing her passion is always full of memories for Ny, but there are also difficult times that make her unable to forget.

As a professional bodybuilder, Ny must go through two stages including muscle relaxation and muscle tightening. The lean phase is when you can eat and gain weight as you like. But in the near-competition period, she has to practice to tone her body from 70kg to 52kg.

Her schedule is tight and she has to practice regularly from Monday to Sunday for 4-6 hours/ day. There were times when Ny’s body ached from exercising too much and her limbs were so weak she couldn’t lift weights. Injuries are not uncommon, but the girl still grits her teeth and endures.

In addition, her diet is also very strict. Ny herself must abstain from foods containing sugar, salt and starch and only eat chicken breast, boiled eggs, vegetables and fruits… to increase fat burning muscle.

“When I’m stretching to prepare for competition, I don’t eat with my parents because my food is very different. If we eat together, it will make my family uncomfortable and I myself will easily crave food,” Ny said.

But all the hardships are over when the feeling of standing on stage performing and competing comes. Ny I still remember the words of encouragement from my teammates or the choking emotions when winning. Those things created a great source of motivation that made me even more confident in my choice as a female athlete Member Tran Thi Ny is practicing hard to prepare for the upcoming important tournament.

“When competing, there will be times when you win and times when you lose. It is important that we overcome that invisible barrier to move forward. The feeling of hearing the audience’s applause and seeing the lights while performing makes me feel very happy with the passion I have chosen.” She was emotional.