The goat was born with 8 legs

A mother goat gave birth to a baby goat with eight legs and hips. The owner of this goat is Saraswati Mondal who lives in Kalmegha, Bangaon city, India.

Saraswati Mondal raises both cows and goats as pets at home and one of the goats gave birth to two on Thursday, July 15. One of the two baby goats was born completely normal, the second one has eight legs and two hips.

Unfortunately the goat was born with eight legs and two broken hips died more than 5 minutes after being born. News of the strange goat spread throughout the village and locals flocked to Mondal’s residence to see the goat.

“This is the first time I have seen something like this. Five minutes after birth, the baby goat died. However, the mother goat and the remaining baby goat were both healthy,” Mondal toldIndia Today.

This is not true. This is the first time an unusual incident like this has happened in India. In April a baby goat was born with a rather human-like face and is worshiped as a god in Gujarat. The baby goat was born in Seltipada village on the banks of the Tapi River in Gujarat.

The goat was born with four legs and ears like a normal goat. However the rest of the body resembles that of a human – it has a forehead, eyes, mouth and parts of a beard that look like that of a human. It also has no tail.

It is known that this goat survived for 10 minutes before dying. Locals prayed before burying the body.