The highest salary for nurses is 12 million/month, which can increase by over 30% from July 1

According to Joint Circular No. 26/2015/TTLT-BYT-BNV, the code and classification of professional titles for nurses are regulated as: Class II nurse, with code V.08.05. 11; Class III nursing has the code V.08.05.12; Class IV nursing has the code V.08.05.13.

The salary ranking of nurses is regulated depending on the title classes, specifically:

Nursing Class II is applied according to the salary of officials of type A2, group A2.1, with a salary coefficient of: 4.4-6.78.

Class III nurses are applied according to the salary of type A1 officials, with a salary coefficient of: 2.34-4.98.

Class IV nursing is applied according to the salary of type B officials, with a salary coefficient of: 1 ,86-4.06.

Pursuant to Decree 204/2004/ND-CP, calculation formula salary for nurses is currently regulated as follows: following: Salary = Salary coefficient x Current base salary.

In which the current base salary is 18 million VND/month (as prescribed in Clause 1, Article 3 of Resolution 69/2022/ QH15).

Above is the salary table of nurses who are public employees. In case a nurse is an employee working in a medical examination and treatment facility, the salary will be implemented according to the agreement with the hospital.

From July 1, 2024, it will be implemented overall. Salary reform, including nurses’ salaries, will also change.

According to the plan, from the above time, the average salary of public employees (including basic salary, allowances and bonuses) will increase by about 30% %.

In addition, a notable point when implementing salary reform is that the salaries of public employees, especially education and health officials, will be higher than the average level of civil servants and other public employees. . This is the direction of salary policy reform associated with the implementation of the resolution on basic and comprehensive development of medical education and training.

Accordingly, the average salary of general medical officers and nurses in particular will increase by more than 32%. For example, the level 1 salary of an intermediate level nurse currently has a starting salary coefficient of 186, nearly 35 million VND/month, which will increase to about 75 million VND/month. At the highest salary level, the figure of 122 million VND/month can increase to over 16 million VND/month.